edgar wright, A Fistful of Fingers

Edgar Wright’s Unreleased 1st Feature Film: A Fistful of Fingers


We all have to start somewhere and writer/director Edgar Wright is no different. Many believe that his first film was Shaun of the Dead. Well, there is another feature he made that was never released called A Fistful of Fingers. The film was shot in 1995 and is a western comedy. As the poster says:

“The greatest western ever made…in Sommerset!”

The film was never commercially released by Edgar said he’d hope to finally release it with a commentary track. Alex also had the pleasure speaking to Edgar Wright on the Indie Film Hustle Podcast. He discuss the making of the film and much more.

Also make sure to watch Edgar’s newest film Last Night in Soho. You can see he’s grown a bit as a filmmaker since his Fistful of Fingers days. Enjoy.

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