Ultimate Guide To Billy Wilder And His Directing Techniques

MAUVAISE GRAINE (1934) The name Billy Wilder looms large over the American cinematic landscape.  Rightfully regarded as one of the … Read more

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Top 20 Female Director Podcasts (Emmy® & Sundance Winners)

IFH always like to highlight a diverse group of filmmakers from all walks of life. We put together the topRead more

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Top 25 Must Listen to Screenwriting Podcasts (Oscar® Winners)

Finding a great Screenwriting Podcast is a treasure trove of knowledge for the aspiring or professional screenwriter. We have put together … Read more

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IFH Pro: A Community for Filmmakers and Screenwriters

Join IFH pro, our private & growing community for filmmakers & screenwriters The IFH Pro community was created for film … Read more

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Top 15 Indie Filmmaking Podcasts (Oscar® and Emmy® Winners)

Indie Filmmaking Podcasts have been so important to me over the past few years. Indie Film Hustle entered into the podcast … Read more

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Thank You Again

Thank you for joining the IFH Tribe Your downloads are below. HERE ARE YOUR DOWNLOADS Thank you again for joining … Read more

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Sponsors We have had the pleasure of working some great brands on our podcast. These sponsors help us offer deals … Read more

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Podcast – Indie Film Hustle

Indie Film Hustle Podcast Share: Top Apple Filmmaking Podcast 20+ Million Downloads FEATURED EPISODES Where Hollywood Comes to Talk Oliver … Read more

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Directing Directing Film Distribution Cinematography Screenwriting Film Production Post Production Short Films Film History Top 15 Indie Filmmaking Podcasts (Oscar® and … Read more

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Conversations with top filmmakers, industry leaders and more We drop knowledge bombs in every episode as our guests teach you … Read more

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How to Produce a Profitable Low Budget Feature Film

By Suzanne Lyons

Join veteran producer Suzanne Lyons as she shows you the three key secrets to produce a successful and profitable independent film.

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