Ultimate Guide to Christopher Nolan and Directing Techniques

Nolan has built a reputation in the film industry as a grand showman and visual magician firmly in command of…

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Directing Directing Film Distribution Cinematography Screenwriting Film Production Post Production Short Films Film History Top 15 Indie Filmmaking Podcasts (Oscar® and…

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Conversations with top filmmakers, industry leaders and more We drop knowledge bombs in every episode as our guests teach you…

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Welcome to Indie Film Hustle. We created IFH to help filmmakers, screenwriters and film creatives survive and thrive in the…

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What is Auteur Theory? – Definition and Examples

What is Auteur Theory and Why Is It Important? Auteur Theory is a way of looking at films that state that…

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Top 10 Filmmaking & Storytelling Masterclass

Over the years I’ve taken many of Masterclass’ remarkable online courses. They have had and continue to get remarkable filmmakers…

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IFH 469: Hemingway and the Art of the Documentary with Lynn Novick

Right-click here to download the MP3 I am a huge fan of today’s guest. Since seeing one of her first…

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Tony Scott: The Ultimate Guide to His Films & Career

The Director Series is at its most effective when I’m analyzing the careers of the deceased, as I can view…

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IFH 455: The RAW and Scandalous Truth Behind the Making of Boondock Saints with Troy Duffy

Right-click here to download the MP3 I’m always looking for success stories in the film business to study and analyze. Edward…

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IFH 258: Making Money with Documentaries & Sriracha with Griffin Hammond

Right-click here to download the MP3 Today on the show we have an OG in the online filmmaking education space, Griffin…

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