Low Budget Filmmakers

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Top 10 Tips for Low budget Filmmakers

Making an indie film can be rough, especially for beginners. Many times filmmakers go off halfcocked and jump into making a film without really thinking it all through. Here are a few tips that will help you on your filmmaking journey.

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Look for character-driven stories with no stunts or effects, limited locations, a limited cast and utilize resources that you already have access to.


Spend time in pre-production. The more you can plan, the smoother your shoot will go.  Take the time to plan and save time later when it costs.


When paying people less than they’re worth -make everyone equal- one pay rate for everyone.  This helps show respect, not play favorites, and everyone will be working for one common goal.


If you go with an actor’s union, understand the full contract.  Quite often although the production terms may be reasonable, the distribution terms may be not.


Never feel that you have to use a specific camera because that’s the “hot” tech.  Not all cameras are created equal and it is the talent behind the camera that matters, not the tech itself.


Know your production and post workflow before you shoot.  This will save time, money, and frustration later.


Don’t go for “label” or commercially released music- the rights are complicated and expensive.  Find unsigned, talented artists and get permission to use their music or have them record original music for you.


Do your homework. Research your demographic and market – is there actually an audience for this film? How will you sell it? Can you visualize a poster and tagline? Knowing those before you shoot will increase your chances of success.


Every step of the way, your project will benefit from the experience of true professionals. You may not be able to afford the best in the business, but experience matters – hire the right people for the job, not just friends and family who are available.


Sound is one of the most important aspects of a movie – bad sound is intolerable, even over bad picture. Know how to capture the best sound and how to finalize it in post. If you don’t know – see tip #9.

I discuss each one of these in detail on the show. Enjoy!

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Check out this video for additional tips and advice on low budget filmmaking by D4Darious.

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  1. Barny on November 9, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    I love this podcast because I find it inspirational and motivational; however, this episode had the opposite effect on me. I feel like this whole top ten list could be reduced down to “Have enough money to work with the professionals who don’t need you.”
    Apparently, ‘low budget’ means something different to Alex then it does to me.
    I cannot afford to hire people who have been making films their whole lives. It isn’t a matter of my being stingy with my Scrooge McDuck sized mountain of wealth; I simply do not have enough money to pay someone with these credentials.
    #8 Understand your market.
    Billy Hearst is not spending his time listening to this podcast, of any podcast I grant you, it’s struggling film makers, who are working out of a 1997 minivan, who listen.
    Should I work with professionals? Yes.
    Is Jennifer Lawrence returning my calls? No.
    Please return to the uplifting, inspirational topics of past podcasts. If I want someone to tell me that I don’t have enough money to make a film, I’ll call my Dad.