IFH 086: Jenica Bergere – Insanity in Acting & Directing a Micro Budget Feature Film

Jenica Bergere, This is Meg, Jill Michele-Melean, Alex Ferrari, Indie Film Hustle Podcast

Acting & Directing a Micro Budget Feature Film with Jenica Bergere

What do you get when you add a stand up comedian, a fearless actress and a great personality? You get today’s guest Jenica Bergere. This is one of the reason we cast here in my debut feature film This is Meg as the bitchy nut job Ruby.

Jenica Bergere, This is Meg, Jill Michele-Melean, Alex Ferrari, Indie Film Hustle Podcast

Jenica Bergere began her career as a stand up comedienne becoming a paid regular at The Comedy Store as well as the Improv when she was barely old enough to vote. Jenica credits Russell Simmons for discovering and representing her as the only “crazy white girl” on his Def Jam slate.

Since then she has continued to hone her craft becoming an accomplished writer, actress, comedienne and now award winning director with her feature film Come Simi for which Jenica co-wrote the screenplay with Doc Pedrolie (2010 Jack Nicholson Award for Screenwriting). Filmed ‘guerilla style’ in only 6 days, Bergere brought the film in for $10,000 and sites being a micro budget filmmaker as something she actually enjoyed.

Distributors have called the film “brave”, a word that also defines Jenica Bergere as a director. Willing to take risks and do whatever it takes to get the desired results, Jenica brought her camera crew into the hospital room to film her labor and delivery, ensuring the shots were captured as she envisioned, directing everyone all the whilst.

Take a look at the trailer for Jenica’s Micro Budget Film Come Simi:

Get ready to laugh out load in this amazing interview with Jenica Bergere.

Also here’s the trailer to the film THIS IS MEG we discussed in the episode:

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