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I can’t believe we are here. Episode #300. It is truly remarkable that the show has landed at this point. When I started the Indie Film Hustle Podcast over 3 1/2 years ago I never dreamed the show would be so well received by the filmmaking community. I am truly humbled. I plan to continue creating amazing content for the IFH Tribe for the years to come. Thank you all for all your support and well wishes.

Now on today’s show, I want to tackle the thing that stops many filmmakers and screenwriters dead in their tracks on the journey to follow their dreams…FEAR! Fear is a disease that is not only plaguing the filmmaking community but people around the world from all walks of life.

“The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell

In this episode, I go down my road with fear, how it stops me and caused me so much pain on my journey. I also discuss techniques that can liberate you from fear so you can focus your energy on creating the life and career you want and deserve.

Strap in boys and girls this ride might get a bit bumpy but like any rollercoaster, you will make it safely to the end. You can live your dreams or you can live your fears? The choice is yours. Enjoy!

Alex Ferrari 1:39
Well, we did it guys. This is episode number 300. Now I am humbled and amazed that I've gotten to this point in the show that we've gotten 300 plus episodes, including some other episodes that didn't even count on the on the final tally. But generally speaking, this is episode number 300, officially. And I want to thank everyone listening, all of the tribe that have continued to listen to talk about to spread the word about what I'm doing with indie film, hustle, and the tribe and the community that we're trying to build together and getting the word out. Because it's you guys telling your friends suggesting it resharing links, posting things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. That has really helped spread the podcast to a whole new audience. It's grown exponentially over the last last last six months to a year. It's kind of exploded. So I really, really appreciate everything the tribe, and anyone listening to this podcast has done for me for any film, hustle and for the tribe at large. Now all those years ago, when I first launched indie film hustle as a podcast and as a blog. I you know, I was afraid I was afraid I was scared. I didn't know what was gonna happen. I don't know if anyone was gonna listen. And and I had to do it anyway. And I went out there and kind of put my you know what's out on the line, and just went for it and face the fear. And I did it anyway. And that is the subject of this episode, I wanted to talk about fear, and being afraid and the toxicity of fear in your life specifically, because fear has done a major amount of damage in my life. To my filmmaking journey to my journey in life, fear has been there at every single turn. And only in recent years have I been able to tame that line a little bit more than I used to still deal with it on a daily basis, believe it or not, but I wanted to talk about fear and breaking through that fear. A little bit. In this episode, I thought it would be very appropriate to make Episode Number 300, the fear episode, the episode about how you can handle your fear how you can break through your fear. Now the very first thing I want you guys to know. And I want you to listen very carefully is that you are enough. I'm gonna repeat it. You are enough. So many of us think that we're not good enough. We're not enough period in every aspect of our lives, whether it be our relationships, getting the girl getting the boy, our careers, our intelligence, our physicalities even our spirituality that we're just not enough, but I'm here to tell you that you are enough. And I know a lot of people have not really heard that before. It's not something that you have other people tell you well, if nobody else in your life is telling you I'm good mentality you, you are enough. Now one of the biggest mistakes we make as filmmakers, as creatives. And this goes along for everybody, though, but specifically as filmmakers, and screenwriters, and creative people, is that we attach ourselves to what we do. We attach our happiness to what we do. And that is a recipe for pain. If you would sit down and ask the 23 year old, Alex, what I, who I was, and I would say, I'm a director. And that's it, that would be the extent of my identity. back then. I know a lot of you listening right now, if someone would ask you that, what are you, you would say, I'm a filmmaker, I'm a screenwriter, and I cinematographer and you're attaching that thing that you do to who you are, you are not your skill set, you are not your occupation, you are much, much, much more than that. When you identify yourself, as an occupation as a career as a thing. When that thing goes wrong, or doesn't get doesn't do what you want it to do for you, like so many times in my life. You can't you crumble, you, you fall to your knees every time. So when you don't get that movie, you don't get the financing for that movie, you don't get the access, or the opportunity that you were searching for, you didn't sell that script, your whole life completely comes crashing down around you because that's the only identity you have. And it's not good. Trust me on that. I've gone through it so many times in my life, I've been slapped around so many times, my book is all about that was at that time in my life. When I wrote shooting for the mob, that whole story when I was in my mid 20s. That was my identity. I didn't know anything else about myself, I didn't, didn't care to even learn, I was too scared to learn about anything else about myself, I didn't want to go into those crevices, I held on to being a filmmaker or director. And that was the only thing I was holding on to because it was the one thing I knew I can it was my blankie It was my blankie to keep me safe and happy. You know, to at least I thought it did. I didn't want to go to those dark areas of my life that I wasn't as good at or wasn't as happy in. But you've got to go in there, you've got to be a full, full human being, and not attach yourself to what you do. You know, subconsciously, we don't believe the dream could happen for us. Whatever that dream might be. We don't believe that we deserve it in many ways, subconsciously. And you have to ask yourself, and you guys start thinking about the subconscious. Because the subconscious is what runs our lives. I want you to listen to that, again. The subconscious mind is what runs our life. It runs our fears. It's the programming that runs our entire existence, whether we like it or not. Because generally it's playing in the background, and you're not really conscious of it. But when you start focusing your conscious on the subconscious, and you start thinking about am I to I deserve this, ask yourself the question. Do you deserve what you're going after? Do you deserve your dream? Do you deserve a beautiful spouse with beautiful partner in life? a man or a woman? Do you deserve money? Do you deserve abundance in your life? ask yourself that question. Don't be afraid to ask that question. Because when you ask that question, you're gonna get an answer. And that answer might not be what you want. But that's the first step into figuring out what you're going to do to get to your dream. To get to your goal in life. Let me ask you another question. How much time do you spend on you? In the last 30 days, what have you done to truly get to your dream to truly achieve that goal that you've been going after? How many books have you read? How many online courses did you take? In the last year? What new skills have you acquired? What new tools have you put in your toolbox? What kind of investment Have you made in you? You see, fear is what stops a lot of this. Fear doesn't tells you you don't need to learn anything new or you don't need to read books, that's a waste of time, you don't need to take that online course, you don't need to make any sort of investment on you, you're good enough. Why? Because you're afraid. You're afraid of figuring things out, you're afraid of success, your fate of, of a million things, I don't know what's inside your head, there's so many things that you could be afraid of that stopping you from moving forward. But you need to get to the root of it. And just like a weed in a garden, you need to yank it out, yank it out of your life. Because all it's doing is poisoning the rest of the garden. Fear, lack of vision. And low self image is why people don't go after their dreams. They don't believe that they can do it. They don't believe that they're worth it. And I want to tell you that you are, you are worth it. But you've got to break through that fear. That bs lie, that your subconscious is telling you that your mind is telling you. Do you know why your mind tells you this, and I'm not sure if I said this in a prior episode or not. But your mind keeps you in the place where you are, because it's safe for the for it, it doesn't like change, it doesn't want you to move forward in another place. It wants you to stay safe. Why? Because that's how you're programmed. That's called survival. Your Your mind is still living in the in the barbaric ages, where change could be death. It's just trying to protect you. But you have to take control of the wheel, you got to tell your brain and your mind. No, I'm going to break out of my comfort zone. I am going to start reading more books, I am going to take online courses I am going to put myself out there in ways so I can learn that can grow as a filmmaker, as a screenwriter and as a person, as an artist. But I've got to push myself out of my comfort zone. And it won't be It won't be easy. Your brain will fight you. But guess what, you're stronger. You will change your routines. You will do things differently. To help you get out of where you're at. Fear kills dreams. Fear can decimate your spirit. Fear paralyzes you. Fear is a disease that will eventually destroy you. And your dream. Why do you let fear stop you? What is the benefit to you? I promise you something, your first screenplay won't be perfect. Your first feature film won't be perfect. The first thing you ever do in this business won't be perfect. So get that out of your head. It doesn't have to be perfect. You just have to move. You have to take action. Action is something that fear hates. You have to take action. Because that's something that fear cannot control cannot stop. Whether you make it or not. Whether it's successful or not doesn't matter. Take action, fail and fail often and learn and learn often and keep moving forward. How long will you let fear hold you back? How long will you allow fear to control your life? I let fear control me for most of my life. But I decided no more. Many of you have heard the story of why took me 41 years to direct my first feature film when I was more than capable, more than capable of directing a feature film 1015 years earlier. The technology was even around wouldn't have been perfect would have been shot on 35. No, but I could have shot movies on dv on 24 p dV in the Panasonic 100 day, if I wanted to other people were doing it. There were other people shooting movies at that time with this much much braver people than me. I could tell you that. But I allowed fear to stop me so many times in my life. And that was the first time that I said that's enough. I can't take it anymore. And I want to shot this as Meg and I did it so fast that it even allow fear to set in. From the moment I had the idea to make the movie to the day we were shooting was 30 days. Within a month I was shooting my first feature film lldp in it as well as producing in a million other hyphen, it's that I did on that project. But the wonderful thing that happened on that project is when I started it felt like the chains have been broken off. So I stopped I started adding more things on it. Like hey, you know what, I'm going to be the DP on this. Why not? I've never D beat a feature but I think I'm going to do that I'm gonna challenge myself I'm gonna push myself have never done a movie without screenplay before. I'm going to do a scriptment. Yeah, let's do that, too. I've never worked with these kinds of actors before doing kind of romantic comedy or drama these? Sure, let's do that. I kept adding things, to make it harder on myself. Why? Because I felt free for the first time in my creative career. It's all because I said, Enough is enough. And I looked fear in the eye and said, You will not have any more power over me. You can live your dreams, or you can live your fears. It is truly up to you, you have the choice. There is always a choice. how you live your life, on how you deal with situations, how to take care of yourself, or what you do. There's always a choice. Fear is a toothless tiger. People are running from something that is false. It is all in your mind. You are the creator of your fear. I'm not talking about literally a tiger outside, about to eat you. That's a different kind of fear. That's a good fear, you should be fearful of that situation. I'm talking about the everyday fear. Unless you live in the jungle where Tigers can literally eat you. I'm not talking about that fear. I'm talking about the fear that we put on ourselves. The fear of success, the fear, the fear of failure, the fear of being laughed at the fear of not succeeding, all of those things. That's fear that we create. No one's creating that for us. This is the kind of fear I'm talking about the creative fear of moving forward of taking risks of going out there and just doing you created the fear, and you can destroy that fear. So I asked you, what is the fear that is holding you back? What is the fear that is stopping you from making your dreams come true? ask yourself that question. And honestly answer it. Because when you know who your opponent is, then you can start taking steps to defeating it. Courage is feeling the fear in doing it anyway. There's a difference to having a fear and the fear having you If I may quote, Joseph Campbell, the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. couldn't say it better myself, Joseph. That's a man who studied mythology from around the world throughout time. And that's one of the things he said, the other thing he said, is find your bliss. And live it. Fear stops that. So you got to break through that. The difference between people that have made their dreams come true is that those people are more afraid of not pursuing their dream. And just sitting there being paralyzed by fear. They're more afraid of missing out on their dream than they are a failing. And that's where you need to be you to be you need to use fear the right way. You need to be afraid that if I don't get up and write that screenplay every day, if I don't get up and start making my movies, and start putting tools in my toolbox, if I don't start reading more, taking courses, educating myself bettering myself in every way, mentally, spiritually, physically. That's the fear you need to have. Because that's the fear that's going to move you fear is like a gasoline it is a fuel. It can fuel you where it can stop you. You make the choice on what you want. You just have to say the same thing I did. I'm sick of this. And I can't take this anymore. I need to break free and start taking steps to get where I want to be. I will not accept the status quo in my life any more. One more time for the back of the room. I am sick of this. I can't take this anymore. I need to break free and start taking steps to get where I want to be. I will not accept the status quo in my life any more. Say that to yourself, guys. Say it to yourself in your room, in your mind, on the commute, wherever you're listening to this right now. say those things to yourself. Because that's what's going to get you going. That's what's going to help you break through this fear. To go make your first feature film to write your screenplay. To dp, your first movie to be the production designer, whatever, whatever your goal is, whatever your dream is to act, whatever it is, you need to put yourself out there, you need to break out of that routine that your mind has so comfortably put you in, because it's safe. That's why it takes people so many years to move out to Los Angeles when they know, they should have moved out years ago, like me. I've been out here a decade, but I should have been out here 20 years ago, I should have, I don't know where my career would have been. I don't know where my life would have been if I would have done that. But I came, and I'm here. But I should have been here earlier. Why? Because I was afraid. I was afraid of change. I was afraid of coming out here and oh my god, what's going to happen? I was afraid. I don't want that for you guys. I don't want that for anybody in the tribe. I don't want you to wake up 60 years from now, when you're 80 or 90 or 100. And said, Man, I wish I could have done that. Man, I should have done that I regret not going for it. You know, it's it's tough. I get it, I get it. I know a lot of people listening to me a lot of tribe members right now. Financially, that might be stuck. They might have a family kids, maybe an unsupportive spouse doesn't support their dreams, it adds a lot of crap on top of it, a lot of more barriers to you, but you're listening to this. So that means there's still a spark. There's still a spark inside of you. And I'm sorry, I'm gonna get a little choked up. Because that's how passionate I am about this. There's still a spark inside you guys. If you're listening to this, that means something inside of you is yelling out to go for it, to do it in one way, shape, or form. And I'm here to help in any way I can, in my small way with this podcast with what I do. I'm here to try to help you guys. But I don't want that spark to go out. Because that spark almost went out to me a few times in my life. And it was really low for a little bit. It really was right after my situation and shooting for the mob. When I went into a depression for almost two years. After being so close to your dream and getting it yanked away from you. When I was broke and broken. You know, I've been there multiple times, but I never let that spark a little flame go out completely. And if you're listening to this, you still got that spark. You still got a little flame in you. It's your job to find that buyer. It's your job to fight through the fear. Don't let it stop you. Don't let it stop your dream, your purpose, your mission in life. There's a difference between having a goal because when you have a goal, you need motivation to get to that goal. When you have a mission, you have a calling. It pulls you forward. There's such a difference. Goals need motivation. You need to be motivated to get up in the morning. Go work out or read a book, you need motivation. You need to listen to motivational speeches, you got a goal. But if you got a calling, if you got a mission. They pull you forward. And I've discovered mine. My calling my mission in life. And I'm sure you guys have sensed that. I love doing what I do. I love helping the tribe. I love educating. I love making my movies the way I want to make them. It all feeds into each other. I want you to ask yourself, what is my calling What is my mission? Doesn't have to be huge. It doesn't have to be monstrous. Your calling could be I'm a writer. Your calling is I'm a filmmaker and I'm going to make some sort of movies that are going to entertain educate in lighten, raise the consciousness of people who watch it. It could be any of those things, I want to make movies that scare people. That's my calling. I want I want to give people that thrill. That's a mission, that's a calling. That stuff that you don't need motivation for. And when you have a calling, you have a mission, fear. Fear goes away, it can't compete in that room. You've got to get to that place, guys. Don't let that spark go out. Please don't let that spark go out. Like I said before, if you're listening to this, that means it's still there. If you listen to more than one of these, it's really there. If you've ever gone to my blog, and read an article, or downloaded one of my things, or, or a member of ifH, TV, or any of the things that I'd put out there in the world, watch a video on YouTube, whatever. Still there. It's still there. Don't let it die. Love yourself. Step one, love yourself. You are enough. I'm going to finish this, like I started it, you are enough. Don't be afraid that you're not enough. You might not know everything, you may not have the experience. But you can get it. It will take time, but you will do it. Don't allow fear to stop you don't allow fear to snuff out that spark. Okay. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I really been working on this one for a while I knew this was going to be Episode Number 300 for a few weeks now. And I've been working on it and and really wanted to, to put something special together for you guys. And as you noticed, I've been doing more and more of these lately. The reason why I have been is one, I love doing them. And two, I've gotten more messages, more reactions, more emails from the tribe, about these last handful of episodes that I've done in regards to how bad do you want it, the toxic mindset of a film's a filmmaker, all of those kind of episodes, and had been downloaded. There's some of the most popular episodes I have. So that tells me that you guys want this stuff. So I'm gonna keep doing them. And don't worry, you're still going to get all the stuff that you normally get, you're going to still get killer interviews, we're still going to go deep diving into the business. But we're also going to go here too. Because I think it's something that's needed. Everywhere else in the world, every film school, and we blog out there, if you could teach you about the film business, but not many of them, teach you how to be a better filmmaker, a better person. help you break through things that nobody likes to talk about like this, like fear. So it's my job to do it. And I take that weight on my shoulders with open arms. So I hope you guys continue to like these episodes, and I'm going to keep doing them. I don't know how often, but I'm going to keep doing them. So I hope you keep listening to them. Thank you guys again, for all the support. Without your support. I can't keep doing what I do with indie film hustle. So, again, thank you. And if you want to read a book about how someone can break through their fear, and in and get out of the worst time in their life when they're broken, broken. And definitely check out my new book shooting for the mob. It's on Amazon for preorder. It looks like we're going to probably push the release date a couple weeks purely because believe it or not, the response to the book has been pretty great. And my publisher is having an issue trying to get them all printed up in time to get everything out and about so we are pushing it probably till the first of March is what we're talking about right now, but I'll keep you posted on when the actual release date will be. But please take a read of it. Just go to indie film, hustle, calm Ford slash mob. It'll take you straight to Amazon and you can buy the book there. I'm going to leave some links in the show notes at indie film hustle.com Ford slash 300. For some books, audio books and traditional books that can help you along your path to break through that fear of being an artist. Being a filmmaker being a screenwriter and being a human being In general. So thank you again for listening guys. And I know this was supposed to be Episode 300, very kind of, you know, celebratory and you know, exciting, but I felt that this was more needed, they'll be plenty of time for that. I can't wait for you to listen to the interviews I got next week. Oh, and by the way, I was at the mammoth Film Festival this last week, I have some amazing interviews coming up with some real big heavy hitters, a preview of one of the guys I talked to was exhibit the rapper, who is a director now. And we talked about his coming up in the business, working with some of the biggest directors ever and what he did as a director as well. So super excited that you guys, there'll be a special mammoth Film Festival series, I'm gonna be putting out from all of these interviews that I do in the next couple of weeks. So keep an eye out for that. And I've got just so much stuff going on in the future for you guys. So I can't I mean, I'm working on another book right now. And I got all sorts of stuff. Oh, and by the way, we have, I think we're close to picking out the four finalists for the, the filmmaker $30,000 films, a web series contest, so that should be being released any day now, as well. So keep an eye out for that. And I will be putting out soon my touring schedule where we're going to be books, media, all that kind of stuff, book signings and things like that throughout the country. So I'll let you know for that as well. So just go to shooting for the mob calm, I will be updating that website with all that information coming up in the next three to four weeks. So thanks again, guys, for listening. Thank you for helping me get to episode number 300. It's hard for me to even say it out loud. But thank you guys so so much. And as a special bonus, I am going to after the after the end, I'm going to throw the very first episode of indie film hustle podcast on at the end of it, it's only like 10 minutes extra. So if you want to listen to me, it my first episode, I'm going to put it at the end of this, just so you can see the difference between how I was then how I live now. And that's almost three and a half years ago. Now. When you're going to be listened to that's just a little extra bonus. After the end here, you can stop listening. But if you're interested to hear what it sounded like, and what we were expecting to do what I was expecting to do with the podcast, I would it's it's going to be a fun romp. So, thank you again, guys. As always, keep that hustle going. Keep that dream and spark alive. Feel the fear. Do it anyway. I'll talk to you soon.

Hey guys, this is Alex Ferrari. Welcome to the indie film hustle podcast. This is episode number one, check out my new opening.

Intro 33:14
Broadcasting from the back alley in Hollywood. It's the indie film hustle Podcast, where we show you how to survive and thrive as an indie filmmaker in the jungles of the film biz. And here's your host Alex Ferrari.

Alex Ferrari 33:27
Welcome, welcome. Welcome to the indie film hustle podcast. I'm your humble host, Alex Ferrari. I'm super excited to be here today with you guys. I've been talking about doing this podcast for some time. And I've been talking about doing indie film hustle.com for a long time, with a lot of my fellow filmmakers and friends. And the main reason why I put together indie film hustle I wanted to use, I wanted to create a resource of real information for filmmakers for independent filmmakers at every level from the film student all the way up to the let's say the first time director with that happen to get a half a million dollars or a million dollars for their feature. And believe me, I've worked on these projects, they do exist, and I wanted to really put together a resource that would truly help filmmakers survive and thrive in the film industry. Now I'll tell you a bit about myself. I've been working in the film industry for over 20 years. I've been a director, a writer, producer, editor, post production supervisor and visual effects supervisor among other hats I've worn in the business. I own a post production company called num robot we've been doing and I've worked with non robot I've worked on over easily over 1000 projects in the course of my career, everything from feature films, short films, music, videos, commercials, network, promos, web series, and so on. And I've had a lot of misadventures. In the film business. I've had a front row seat to a lot of filmmakers his process. Also the journey that filmmakers make from scripts all the way to distribution, and how the Hollywood system or the film industry in general eats them. Live. And I've seen some success stories, I've seen a lot of failures. And seen a lot of people just get killed, destroyed to the point where they never come back to the industry, because they made certain mistakes, they made certain errors along the way. And I'm not the unbeliev me, I'm not the first to know everything. But I do have a few years under my belt, I have been around the block a little bit. And I have been able to witness a lot during my tenure in the film business. I just really was tired of filmmakers suffering, and just not making it because of basic understand basic knowledge of marketing on how to distribute your film on how in the ever changing landscape of how to distributed film, post production workflow, basic stuff, but a lot of a lot of people, a lot of filmmakers Don't think about these things. And also I didn't see, I wanted to create a resource myself, that was truthful, like telling you stuff that are like for lack of a better word, from the street, from the back alley of Hollywood, things that they don't teach you in film, school, things that you don't find in books generally, like real world, education, if you will, about the business about things that happen in the business and how to protect yourself and kind of guide yourself through those shark infested waters to be cliche. So what to expect from this podcast, I'm going to be doing a mixture of interviews with industry professionals, that will be teaching you are showing you tips and tricks on how to make it through this through this business. And it is a wonderful business, it's not a business as much of it is as a calling. When you're a filmmaker you are. It's a calling you are an artist you are trying to create. But to make a living nowadays, as this artist and be part of your calling as a filmmaker is difficult and getting more difficult every day. Also, on this podcast, you're going to be hearing me talk about the real deal, the truth, the stuff from the streets, that they don't teach you in film, school kind of stuff, things from film marketing, to post production workflow, how to get into film festivals, without have to paint just ridiculous fees. Which film festivals are good, which aren't? How do you distribute your first movie? How do you get actors? How do you all just a ton of different things that I'm planning on covering on the podcast, so please, if you like what you hear, take the time out and subscribe and leave us a review. It really helps us out a lot on on iTunes, and getting us seen by more people. Guys, you know, I'm I'm really here to help one. That's really why I started indie film, hustle, I want to help I want to serve my tribe, my community that we're building at indie film, hustle, calm. And if this is the first time you found me, either through a link or if you found me on iTunes, or you're listening to me for the first time to head over to indie film, hustle comm check things out. I got a lot of resources there for you. A lot of things that took me years to learn that I'm giving away for free, because I really do want to help you guys. And hopefully in the future you guys will help me if I've been able to give you some sort of service or content that's helped you guys. Move forward in the film business helped make your movie help you maintain a career and a living doing what you love. So thank you so much for listening. Stay tuned for next episode, when I want to have Oscar nominee Robert Forster. Talk about actors, a lot of great things about actors directors how Quinn, Tarantino directed him, which was really cool to listen to, among other great episodes coming up. So thank you so much again. And don't forget to go to indiefilmhustle.com. And if you want to learn six tips to how to get into film festivals without paying those ridiculous fees, head over to filmfestivaltips.com that's filmfestivaltips.com. And if you want to say hi to me or contact me some way, the best way to get a hold of me is just going to indiefilmhustle.com and go to the contact page. I listened or I read, listen, I read every email that comes in. So if you have any questions, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments of specific articles or just contact me directly. I'll do the best I can to get back to you. It is getting kind of crazy with a lot of email coming in. But I'm doing my best to read everything and get back to everybody. Okay, so thanks again for listening guys. And I will I'll talk to you guys soon.



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Where Hollywood Comes to Talk

Oliver Stone

Oscar® Winning Writer/Director
(Platoon, Wall Street, JFK)

Edward Burns

(Brothers McMullin, She's the One)

Richard Linklater

Oscar® Nominated Writer/Director
(Boyhood, School of Rock)

Eric Roth

Oscar® Winning Screenwriter
(Forrest Gump, Dune)

Oscar® Winning Writers/Directors
(Everything, Everywhere, All At Once)

Jason Blum

(Shaun of the Dead, Baby Driver)

Oscar® Nominated Producer
(Get Out, Whiplash)

Chris Moore sml

Oscar® Nominated Producer
(Good Will Hunting, American Pie)

(Menace II Society, Book of Eli)

Marta Kauffman sml

Oscar® Winning Writer/Director
(Last Samurai, Blood Diamond)

Emmy® Winning Writer & Showrunner
(Friends, Grace and Frankie)

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