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Leaving the Money to Chase that Filmmaking Dream with Drew Waters

Have you ever been in a job you hate? Would you leave a stable job to follow your dream? Meet producer, director and actor Drew Waters. He did just that. Drew became an entrepreneur with three retail businesses and a commercial/residential construction company with partners. One day he woke up at the age of 30 and realized I wasn’t fulfilled with what he was doing, so he thought back to the moment he was the happiest.

That moment turned out to be a time, nearly ten years earlier when he was in Japan and was shooting a commercial. That realization led him to the decision to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

The next week he sold the companies to his partner and started acting/directing /producing. His first film was a D horror movie made for $3,500 That sold and was followed up by another D horror film that was made for $1,500.

From there he made a 30k film in 10 days that sold to a distributor for a 50k MG.  Now after 14 years, 60+ acting credits, 7 produced films later and working with some of the best people in the business, he opened his own production company Argentum Entertainment. Together with his producing partner, he created, directed, produced his first $2m film called New Life. Following a limited theatrical release, it now has a worldwide distribution and is selling well.

I wanted to have Drew on to tell his story of how to follow your dream no matter what. He took a gambled and it paid off.

Enjoy my inspirational conversation with Drew Waters.

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