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IFH 146: Adventures at Cinequest with the Cast of This is Meg

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Adventures at Cinequest with the Cast of This is Meg

It’s a been a long journey but This is Meg finally had it’s World Premiere at the Cinequest. I was fortunate enough to have a bunch of the cast make the trek up to San Jose, CA from Los Angeles. We had an amazing time. Cinequest really loves and supports filmmakers. They treated us like royalty.

So in between screening, parties, and meetings I grabbed the cast: Joseph Reitman, Jill-Michelle Meleán, Lahna Turner, Holly Wortell and Ruben Dario and did an impromptu podcast in our hotel room. We discussed the festival, their experiences working on This is Meg, what the state of the biz is and much more.

This episode is educational and funny but a bit “blue” in its language so if you are a parent you’ve been warned. Enjoy my conversation with the cast of This is Meg.

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