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IFH 355: Making Movies is HARD with Alrik Bursell

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Making Movies is HARD with Alrik Bursell

I have a treat for you today. On the show we have filmmaker and podcaster Alrik Bursell from the podcast Making Movies is HARD! I’ve had the pleasure on be on his show before and have another episode coming up in Nov where I talk about Rise of the Filmtrepreneur.

“Who am I to even have a podcast? Why is my opinion more valid than anyone else? In some ways it’s not, but that’s also kind of the point. We’re just two examples of people making movies in our own ways. We’re not any more special than any other filmmaker. There’s nothing about us that makes us any different or unique. We’re just doing it. And I think that’s the point, just go out and do it, make your movies. And these are the struggles that we face and this is how we’re trying to overcome them.” – Alrik Bursell Episode 87

In this episode we talk indie filmmaking, crowdfunding, distribution, the Distribber Debacle and much more. We also discuss his cool new film The Alternate.

Enjoy my conversation with Alrik Bursell.

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