IFH 629: Watch This to Survive on a Film Set with Christine Chen

Christine Chen is an Academy qualified film producer, director and co-author of Get Reelisms. She fell in love with capturing images and … Read more

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IFH 625: Indie Film Hustle Success Story – American Murderer with Matthew Gentile

Matthew Gentile is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He most recently wrote and directed his first feature, AMERICAN MURDERER: … Read more

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Gareth Edward’s Short Film: Factory Farmed

Gareth Edwards created this project in a 48 hour film festival. He did all of the post work himself and … Read more

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David Fincher: The Ultimate Guide to His Films & Directing Style

1999 was a watershed year for people in my generation, as it no doubt was for other generations as well. … Read more

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IFH 622: The REAL State of Indie Film with Alrik Bursell

Alrik Bursell is a filmmaker, producer, cinematographer, editor and director. His been working in video production for over 10 years … Read more

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IFH 618: How I Adapted a Best Selling Novel and Made My Film with Aitch Alberto

Aitch Alberto is a writer/director born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is a Sundance Episodic Lab fellow, recipient of … Read more

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IFH 617: The Story of the Most INSANE Film Ever Released! with Sacha Gervasi

This is one of the most insane stories I’ve ever had on the show, and I have a small part … Read more

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IFH 613: Directing Bruce Willis’ Last Film with Matt Eskandari

Matt Eskandari immigrated to the United States as a child with his family, following the Iranian revolution. He is an … Read more

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IFH 611: How I Got My Vampire Film Released by Sony with Jessica M. Thompson

Jessica Thompson is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker who made her feature writer-directorial debut with “The Light of the Moon”. The filmRead more

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Top 15 Film Producers Podcasts (Oscar® & Emmy® Winners)

One of the most underrated and misunderstood positions in the filmmaking assemble line is the film producer. The mysterious part … Read more

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