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On the Corner of Ego and Desire: Watch 10 Min of the Feature Film

Well, the day has finally arrived. On the Corner of Ego and Desire is finally available to the world. I know, I know, you guys have been waiting for this film for a long time. With writing and producing my book Rise of the Filmtrepreneur®: How to Turn Your Film into a Moneymaking Business,  the Rise of the Filmtrepreneur Podcast, and dealing with the entire Distribber debacle I have been slammed in 2019.

If you want to watch just go to www.egoanddesirefilm.com

At a certain point I just said we’ll we are close enough to just release the film near Sundance so that is what I did. The film will be released on Jan 21, 2020, just before the Sundance Film Festival 2020 launches. I thought that would be the most poetic release strategy. Check out the trailer below.

Three hapless independent filmmakers make the trek to the Sundance Film Festival and go through absolute hell in search of the elusive producer that is supposedly going to buy their independent feature film, all within 24 hours. With a producer who stole money from his mother’s retirement account to fund the film, to a director who thinks she’s the next Francois Truffaut, to an actor/editor who is a doormat for everyone, this motley crew of misfit filmmakers have a tough time navigating the chaotic world of the Sundance Film Festival. Ignorance, foolishness and above all ego drive the team to implosion as they struggle to realize their filmmaking dreams.

On the Corner of Ego and Desire was shot on a budget of about $3000 in just under four days, around 36 hours total of filming. Filmed on a 1st generation Blackmagic Pocket Camera 1080p using a Sigma 18-35mmlens as the main lens with a few vintage lenses rounding out the kit. It was edited, color graded and mastered on Davinci Resolve.

It World Premiered at the Raindance Film Festival, and played at NewFilmmakers, Bravemaker Film Festival and had its Los Angeles Premiere at the world-famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

The film will be available on Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play, Tubi TV and of course Indie Film Hustle TV. If you watch it on IFHTV you will get bonuses like an exclusive commentary track by me on how we shot an entire feature film guerilla-style at the Sundance Film Festival while the festival was going on, in 4 days, with a crew of about 3-4 people. You will also get to watch raw behind the scenes of the making of the film, a total of over 6 hours of filmmaking goodness. On the Corner of Ego and Desire is available for rental, purchase, and part of the IFHTV subscription.

If you want to watch the film just go to www.egoanddesirefilm.com. If you have already read Rise of the Filmtrepreneur®: How to Turn Your Film into a Moneymaking Business, I use On the Corner of Ego and Desire as a case study in the book and discuss not only the making of the film but how I’m monetizing the film as part of my Filmtrepreneurial Model.

During these crazy times, I thought that the Tribe could use a laugh so I decided to release the first 10 min of the film online for everyone to get a taste of the madness that is On the Corner of Ego and Desire.

If you want to watch the rest of the film for free you can go to Amazon Prime or Tubi. If you want to rent or purchase the film to give a bit of support to IFH then you can go to IFHTV.com or iTunes. Enjoy the sneak preview of On the Corner of Ego and Desire. 

I breakdown the making of the film in my book Rise of the Filmtrepreneur®: How to Turn Your Indie Film into a Moneymaking Business (FREE AUDIOBOOK) Here is an article where I broke down the making of in some more detail Filmtrepreneur Breakdown: On the Corner of Ego and Desire.

If you like what you see please leave a review on Amazon and/or IMDB. It really helps the film find a larger audience.

Watch the film on

Please share this post with every filmmaker you can. On the Corner of Ego and Desire is my love letter to the struggles and insanity that is being an indie filmmaker. Keep on hustling!

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