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The movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is one replete with actions, blood, and gore. It tells a story of how a vicious and tyrannical leader Immortal Joe is relieved of his secret harem containing five beautiful princesses.

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These princesses were kidnapped as children and kept as breeding machines for Immorta Joe. However, his most trusted war leader, Furiosa, betrays him by carting away with his prized possessions. Furiosa, the warrior woman, tries to take the women to her childhood home -the green place- where she was also kidnapped. The road to ‘paradise’ is fraught with danger. There is no hiding place as Furiosa, her side kick, Max and the women try to escape the tyrannical warlord. An angry leader who is hard on their tail along with thousands of fierce armed warriors whose only rule is to kill the betrayer and return the harem unharmed.

This reverting movie has a lot in common with comic strips and superhero films. It uses explicit scenes to portray the plot. The film was created mostly from the story boarding style of about 3,500 different comic books. The writer George Miller, and his artists worked for two years, tirelessly building the action in drawings before adding any form of dialogue with the story board. ‘Fury Road’ is majorly created through art and sketches. If you view most of the scenes in the movie alongside with the story board, it would seem like a comic book adaptation.

To prioritize the images or visuals of the film, George Miller lets his characters speak only when necessary. Meaning, the movie is all about action and less about dialogue. Unlike conventional movies where dialogue is used to paint pictures, Fury Road is the opposite. The film uses images to replace words, a nuance employed in comic books. Even Miller’s story board contains no words at all.

Another way Miller has been able to make this movie otherworldly is the unusual names he gave his characters. The names like Furiosa, Immortal Joe, Nux, etc., make them seem unreal, almost like they are their alter egos or aliases just like how comic heroes are.

He portrays Immorta Joe as a villainous character who aims to deny his people of natural resources. Making them beggarly, diseased, and dependent on his benevolence. His minions are kept loyal, with a ridiculous promise of an afterlife that rivals paradise and fear of retribution if they disobey him. Just like the evil villains in popular comics such as Spider Man.

Mad Max: Fury road relies heavily on the elements of a superhero movie or a comic book even though it’s neither. But, it just as well might be seen as the best of either cadre.

It is said that the movie Mad Max Fury Road has finally been made into a comic strip to the delight of its fans. The influence of storyboarding in this movie is epic.

Download FREE Storyboard Template + Tutorials

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