Distribber UPDATE: How to Get BACK Control of Your Indie Film!

There are many people saying you should leave your film up with Distribber and wait it out. My opinion is that you should request to have your film pulled down immediately. With my film, This is Meg I was able to have it pulled down from Amazon and then put back up. I will not lose my ratings or reviews. Amazon stated they will port them over to the new listing within 5-10 business days.
The longer you have your films up through Distribber the more revenue you will lose. I know many of you are hoping for Distribber to pay you what you are owed, so am I. Pulling your film off now should not negate any payments owed to you. In my opinion, no company or person is going to buy or infuse Distribber with money. Who in their right mind would do that after the debacle that has happened? Distribber has no real assets.
The films they have are not theirs. They have no ownership of them. You own the rights to your films. Platforms are pulling their licenses to upload material to them. Netflix has done this already. Every day your film isn’t in your control you are losing money. Customers are still buying, renting and watching your films and none of the money is going to you, it is going to Distribber. I would cut your losses, as painful as it might be, and get control back of your film and the revenue it can generate for you and your investors.

I don’t want to see filmmakers lose access to their films because this horrible company goes bankrupt. Once they file getting access to your film will be a much more difficult endeavor. As of right now, Distibber is pulling down films once people request it. It might take some time but you need to get this process going. Again this is only my educated opinion.

I wish the best on all your journeys through this devasting situation.



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