Shooting for the Mob: Written by Alex Ferrari

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A bipolar gangster, a naive, young film director, and Batman. What could go wrong? Alex Ferrari is a first-time film director who just got hired to direct a $20 million feature film, the only problem is the film is about Jimmy, an egomaniacal gangster who wants the film to be about his life in the mob.

From the backwater towns of Louisiana to the Hollywood Hills, Alex is taken on a crazy misadventure through the world of the mafia and Hollywood. By the way, did we mention that this story is based on true events?, no, seriously it is.

You can also listen to the audiobook FREE on Audible.


James DeManaco
Writer/Director (The Purge)

"Alex’s wild account of trying to make his film reads like a Hollywood thriller; exciting, scary, at times funny, with a terrifying antagonist/producer in Jimmy, the Bipolar Mobster.  The book also expertly dramatizes the filmmaking process and even more importantly, the filmmaker’s mindset – Alex, the director, represents anyone who’s ever tried to make a film – he gives a voice to that desperate need to live one’s life-long dream of shooting a movie – and what a filmmaker will go through and sacrifice, both physically and emotionally, to get that done.  I couldn’t put this book down."

Jim Uhls
Screenwriter (Fight Club)

"Ferrari spins the kind of wild tale that makes the reader laugh and cringe simultaneously. This is the ultimate "How-Not-To" primer for beginning directors -- and, for everyone else, a yarn to enjoy for its dark-edged hilarity."

Diane Bell
Sundance Film Festival Winning Writer/Director

"So, you think you've heard it all when it comes to Hollywood stories, but I guarantee you've never heard one like Alex Ferrari's. Part cautionary tale, part unbelievable gangster caper, if you've ever dreamed of making a movie (or made one), you won't want to miss this book."

R.B. Botto
Screenwriter/Producer, & CEO, Stage 32

"Shooting for the Mob” is a compelling page-turner that not only brings a fresh take on the mobster genre but also serves as a primer for those looking to establish a career in filmmaking. As a result, Alex Ferrari has woven together a tale that is not only richly entertaining, but informative as well. Oh, and it pairs nicely with some marinara and a full-bodied Barolo."

Suki Medencevic, A.S.C.

"After reading this book, you will never look at films the same way. What is it that attracts all kinds of people to the magic, fun, and horrors of the filmmaking process and pursuing one's Hollywood dream? The ultimate answer might be inside these pages."

Franco Sama
Film Producer

"Alex Ferrari has written an important book. I say this because I believe that it is important for independent filmmakers (and I count myself among them) from all walks of life and regardless of where they reside on the spectrum of success or failure, to hear stories like Alex’s if only to attempt to grasp the sheer level of commitment, fortitude, stamina, stress, and joy and satisfaction of living a life of passion to the extreme."

Peter Jon Stefan

"I wish i could give this book 1000 stars it was that good! Ive read a lot in my life, in fact I've always been joked with about all the books i have laying around... i just love it. This book i could literally not put down!!! i blew through it in about 2 days whenever i got some spare time. It is a book about filmmaking yes, but much much more than that! It is a book about LIFE ITSELF and the journey we all must take in the process of growing up into who we are as a mature human beings, knowing who we are and what we stand for."

I had the pleasure of speaking at the world-famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. There is spoke about my experiences from my book Shooting for the Mob and the lessons learned.

I asked Boris, an industry-recognized cinematographer if he would be willing to do an interview on his experience working with Jimmy the gangster, the craziness that happened all those years ago and what it was like being in the center of that filmmaking tornado with me.

Boris jumped at the chance but he asked that we change his voice to protect his identity. He doesn't want to put himself out there at this time.

Boris lets loose on all things Shooting for the Mob and even tells me stories I didn't know about. If you want to know what it's like trying to shot an indie feature film for a bi-polar, egomaniacal gangster then perk up those ears cause you are going to love this extremely entertaining episode.


After months of the IFH Tribe asking me, I finally finished the audiobook version of Shooting for the Mob. It was a tough project to finish but I knew I had to get it to you guys. As a gift for being so patient, I am releasing four chapters of the book for FREE for your listening pleasure.

The goal of this book is to help, not only filmmakers and people interested in having a career in Hollyweird but anyone stuck in a bad situation they feel they can’t get out of. The story illustrates how someone can lose themselves while chasing that golden carrot that is their dream, not to compromise their morals and stand up for themselves.

I hope you really enjoy the story and have fun, laugh, cry and maybe even learn a little something about yourself.



You can also listen to the audiobook FREE on Audible.