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When you are making a low budget or no budget independent film, stunts are usually out of the question. You have to pay professional stunt people and also a stunt coordinator to make sure everyone is safe and sound on the set. This is out of reach for most filmmakers, so when I had a few stunts I wanted to do in my film BROKEN we had to think outside the box.

The video below goes over how we did two killer stunts safely, without hiring professional stunt people (which I suggest you do when you are able to, they are amazing and add so much more production value to your projects) and for little money, if not free.

Indie Film Stunts, make it happen SAFELY

Combining an nimble and willing actor, some old mattresses, a camera trick, sound design and some good old fashion visual effects and we achieved a very believable and effect stunt. Give the video below a watch.

Good luck and happy filming.

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