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Video Podcast – Tips from Trenches: Episode #2 GoPro vs Stunt Man

GoPro Hero Camera vs Stunt Man: Who will win? This is a fun little video I did during the making of my short film “Red Princess Blues.” I had an amazing stunt team for the show, headed up by stunt legend Jeff Cadiente (The Crow, 24, Hawaii 5.0, Scareface, Batman Returns, Con Air). Jeff did an remarkable job on my film considering the time and budget we had to work with.

GoPro Hero going after the stuntman

The big stunt of the show was having the stunt man back flip, face first into a coffee table. I hadn’t seen that before and thought it would look cool, if we could find someone to do it. Jeff found a crazy stunt guy by the name of Julien Bui who said:

“I can do that.”

So we rehearsed for a day and the video below shows you the final stunt. BTW, I put the GoPro Camera under the table. I wanted to see if I could use it in the final film but it didn’t work. But it made a hell of a cool looking video. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Take a look at Anatomy of a Killer Stunt. It goes BTS of how we did some really cool stunts in my films.

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