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Secrets to Directing a Killer Action Sequence with Gil Bettman

You are in for a treat guys. Today’s guest is directing and camera movement guru Gil Bettman. Gil is a seasoned director directing features, television shows, commercials and music videos for over 30 years. He has written two best-selling books:

Did I mention one of his filmmaking mentors is Academy Award-winning director Robert Zemeckis. We discuss what lessons he learned from Mr. Zemeckis and he also goes into great detail on how to shoot a killer action sequence. Gil and I have teamed up to bring his amazing course Hollywood Film & Television Directing Masterclass and it has become one of the best-selling courses we’ve ever released at Indie Film Hustle. Check out the trailer below:

For the first time director, this book offers ideas and techniques in clear and concise language and illustrations. But of even greater importance, it is a survival guide for working with producers, technicians, and actors in the usual atmosphere of tension and chaos. This valuable book by an experienced director demystifies filmmaking.
Irvin Kershner, Director, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Here’s some info on Gil Bettman:

No one would ever see Gil Bettman as the retiring type. Bring Academy Award-winning director Robert Zemeckis to his directing class and Bettman wades right in, challenging his old friend’s point of view and sparking a good-natured debate about the best ways to tell a story using a camera. But that’s Bettman’s style. He has very definite opinions about how to block a camera or talk to actors from his days as a top action director for TV series like The Twilight Zone and Knight Rider.

Bettman learned the value of subjecting all film ideas to the acid test of a free-wheeling debate from Zemeckis himself while working as a screenwriter developing projects for Zemeckis at Universal and Warner Brothers. It’s a lesson Bettman wants to pass on to his students as well.With a degree from Harvard (with honors in English Literature), as well as an M.F.A. from UCLA, Bettman has directed a wide range of projects from feature films to music videos and corporate profiles. He recently directed a feature documentary, The Long Road to Cabo, for rock icon Sammy Hagar, and published a textbook, First Time Director, through Michael Wiese Productions.

Enjoy my conversation with Gil Bettman.

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