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IFH 173: This is Meg is LIVE on iTunes & Some Other Surprises


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Today is the day. This is Meg is FINALLY been released to the world on iTunes. It’s pretty incredible that an idea I had over a year ago is now a feature film that has been released on mutha f’in iTunes. It’s humbling. I’m so grateful to you, the IFH Tribe for your support, love and well wishes. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do this with you guys.

The power of community is pretty powerful and from the bottom of my heart thank you all so much for the support!

So today is a big day. The more transactions we get on iTunes the higher we get ranked on their algorithm. This means sales and rentals (it’s available for rental too today) count towards that goal. So if you are going to buy or rent This is Meg do it TODAY!

Let’s see how this experiment does and I’ll report back the results. Here’s the link to buy or rent the film today —> This is Meg

By the way, I have a few surprises for you in these episodes so listen all the way through = ) Enjoy and thank you again!

Alex Ferrari 0:00
So guys, today, I just want to do a real quick podcast talking about the release today that we were able to do this. This is mag is now available on iTunes today. You can buy it or rent it, just head over to this is mag comm forward slash iTunes. Now, I wanted to talk a little bit about this journey real quick. And this is going to be a quick episode, guys. I just want to wholeheartedly thank you all so so much, because you've made one of my lifelong dreams come true. You know, I was able to crowdfund This is Meg through you guys. You guys came to the to the challenge a year ago over a year ago now, and helped me fund my first feature film, it was been a lifelong goal of mine to make a feature film. And I was able to do it with not only your resources, but your support, and your love and your well wishes that I get sent almost every day. And thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. So so much. Because as much as I might show you guys and teach you guys, you guys teach me as well. And it is a symbiotic relationship I have with you, the tribe, and and what I'm doing as an artist as a filmmaker, and as the proprietor of indie film hustle. So as I've said before, the plan today is to get as many transactions on iTunes as humanly possible. So if you want to rent it for five bucks, or you want to buy it for 1299, on HD SD is 999 and 399. But if you whatever transaction you guys can do will help us rank higher. The more transactions we get today, the higher we rank on iTunes. And if we can get to a certain number, we will be able to hopefully rank at the top 10 of the comedy on iTunes. And then also the top 10. My god of iTunes itself would be insane, because the higher we go up, the more people will find us and discover us and hopefully buy or rent. This is Meg. And again, this entire entire project has been a huge experiment to see what can be done with barely any money. And a lot of hustle. And I'm taking you guys through this entire process. And you have been going through this entire process with me since we started crowdfunding it all the way through our premiere at Cinequest. To to our premiere now on iTunes and everything in between. And today also, I wanted to tell you guys about some cool stuff, I've been talking about some cool stuff, I'm going to be doing an indie film hustle for a little bit now. And I'm giving you a sneak peek, I am reworking the website, I'm going to be doing a full redesign of indie film hustle, I'm going to be creating more content, easier to get to more organized more streamlined. So that's one thing I'm working on right now, I have big news coming up for the indie film Syndicate, which will also be redone from scratch Doesn't affect any of our members, you guys are going to be really happy with what I'm doing. But there's going to be a bunch of new stuff that I'm going to be doing with it, we are going to be rebranding it too. So that's coming up as well in the next month or two. Right. Currently, right now I am working on of how to edit on DaVinci Resolve. And I'm using mag as an example. So I'm going to take you through the entire software to how to edit from the beginning all the way to the end, to start your movie to get it out into Vinci resolve, which is a free piece of software. And I'm not getting paid by black magic or anything to do this. I just want to do because it's such a powerful tool and it's free. It's free for God's sakes. So that I'm working on right now I'm like halfway through that course right now. Hopefully that's going to be coming out in the in the next month or so. Plus I have another couple courses coming up. And I also wanted to put out a put out in the questions to you guys. What do you think I should do to help indie film hustle What can I do to serve you guys better? What are you looking for an indie film hustle? What do you want to see more? What just tell me just hit me up on my email ifH [email protected]. I'll put it in the link in the show notes but ifH submissions.at gmail.com. So hit me up, let me know what I can do better to help you and your experience on the website, on the podcast, and also on YouTube, which I'm also going to be growing as well. Now I'm going to be doing an experiment on YouTube. And I'm going to create in the next three to four months don't know when yet when I have time after I'm done with all this craziness. I'm going to be creating a show answering your questions on YouTube. So it's going to be a direct relationship, a direct question, I'm going to if you want your name on, on air, I'll put it on air. And it's going to be a direct ask Alex kind of questionary show, which I'll be doing once, a once a day for 30 days. And I want to see how that works and see how I can do it. And if I can do it, and how you guys respond to it. So I need questions. I need lots and lots of questions. Ask me anything you ever wanted to ask me, please send it over to eye F h [email protected]. And put in the subject line, ask Alex. And that way, I'll know it's a question for the show. And then I'll hit you back. And we'll figure something out. We're gonna have some fun stuff coming up. And my YouTube channel, I'm hoping to really start to grow and explore what I can do with the YouTube audience as well as my podcast audience, it's just another way to get information out there. Another way to connect with the tribe. Because I know a lot of tribe members out there, don't listen to me through the podcasts they listen to listen to me, on the podcast through YouTube, which I find amazing that a podcast is getting traction on YouTube, which I find really, it's kind of crazy. But that's what I'm planning on doing, guys. And, again, I cannot thank you enough for all those love all the support. And man, you know, I I'm kind of a little speechless here. Because this is Meg is out today, you know, a little film with an idea that I had in May of last year and said, I'm going to go make a movie. And a year later, it's on iTunes. And it's going to be seen by the world. And you know, just a little film that I was making in my house, in my friend's houses and stealing shots in LA and doing all sorts of stuff. But man, seriously, I hope this inspires you guys that you can go do this too. You can go out and make your feature film, you can go out and make your web series you can go out and just create whatever you want to create, you can do this, if I can do it, you can do it. Anyone can do this, you I hope it really inspires you. And I really hope it puts a fire in your ass to go out and make your movie, I don't care if you're 20. Or if you're 60, you can go do it. Find the resources, you have a disposal, find the skill sets that you have at your disposal, and go make your movie guys, please, I hope this really inspires you. Because it's one of the main reasons I did this, because I wanted to not only do my feature film, but I want to inspire other feature for other other filmmakers that they can do it too. So thank you so so much for everything guys. And, and I'm here to help you and to serve you. And I want to give you as much information as I can. And try to help you on your journey as a filmmaker as an artist. Because that's what I feel like I'm here to do, as well as to do my art, and share my journey as an artist and as a filmmaker with you, the indie film hustle tribe. So I have a lot of cool stuff coming up this year for indie film, hustle. And I want to create more and more and more amazing content, amazing courses, amazing opportunities for you, the tribe, and for filmmakers in general. So thank you so much. If you want links to what we talked about, head over to indie film hustle.com, forward slash 173. And once you rent or buy on iTunes, please leave a review on iTunes, it will so help us out. The bigger the reviews, the better the algorithm is from iTunes to help us get ranked better. So the more reviews the better guy so please give us as many reviews as you can. If you got three or four bucks, just rent it, please. And share it with all your friends. I've posted a ton of stuff out today, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, everywhere. So please share it with everybody, you know, and let's see, let's see if we can do any real damage on iTunes. Let's see if we can actually get ranked let's see if I can prove the theory correct, you know, and see if we can make this work and if it doesn't, it's okay. We'll move on to the next one. But I'm hoping it is and from what I'm seeing in the numbers that I'm seeing already. It seems to be working. It can work and I'm I'm actually quite excited about The numbers that are coming in so far, so please keep it up. This is, this is the day, guys. So thank you again. So, so much for everything. And you the indie film, hustle tribe is an are my inspiration to keep going to keep going as a filmmaker, to keep going as a podcaster as a YouTuber, and as a blogger. So, thank you so, so much. I'm humbled every day by you guys. Keep that hustle going. keep that dream alive. Because those dreams do come true. And I'll talk to you soon.




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