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IFH 177: How Facebook Watch Can Help Indie Filmmakers


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The online video landscape is changing on a daily basis. The newest gladiator to step into the ring is Facebook. Facebook is launching Facebook Watch, a new “show tab” that will host original shows produced exclusively for Facebook. Considering that Facebook has 1.32 Billion people who come to the site on a daily basis this is a game-changer for filmmakers and content creators.

Facebook watch, Apple TV, Amazon Video Direct, YouTube

Credit: Facebook

Facebook Watch will launch with a handful of shows first but they plan to open the platform up to independent filmmakers, production companies, and content creators.  They will also be adding REVENUE SHARE option for all content creators. My sources tell me that the revenue will be higher than YouTube. Many are saying that this could be a YouTube killer, only time will tell. Personally, I don’t think Facebook Watch will kill Youtube but it will injure it for sure.

Facebook watch, Apple TV, Amazon Video Direct, YouTube

Credit: Facebook

We are living in an “Attention Economy.” Whoever can command the most attention will be successful. Take a listen to the podcast as I go into a bit more detail about Facebook Watch and how indie filmmakers can use it to build their brand and/or companies.

Keep Hustlin and enjoy it!

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So today, guys, I wanted to do a short episode to give you this amazing news that I think is a game changer for indie filmmakers, and for content creators out there. Facebook Watch has just been announced. And it is a huge deal. Facebook is throwing their hat in the ring. For Video Creators, they're basically challenging YouTube, and they have 1.3 2 billion people that show up to Facebook every single day. So when you have an audience that big, generally speaking, if you have video content, someone's going to be watching it. And but this is the kicker, they're starting to do ad revenue share, just like YouTube. And from what I'm hearing through the grapevine, which I have a couple of little spies with in Facebook that I talked to, it's nice to have friends in high places. What they're telling me is that right now, Facebook is launching a bunch of original programming, very similar to what YouTube read did. And obviously what Netflix and Hulu and Amazon have been doing as well. But Facebook is a little bit different, since it's a social media platform, very similar to Amazon is Amazon is very different because it's, it's where you buy everything. And their business model is different than Netflix is business model. But what makes Facebook unique is that it's has a massive audience. I mean, we're talking about 1.3 2 billion people that come to the site on a daily basis, that is monstrous. So for them to throw their hat in the video creation, and working with other video creators and filmmakers, is monstrous. And what they're going to be doing right now is launching a bunch of original shows, with a little Facebook watch tab that you'll be able to get to and incorporate into your Facebook, watching and spending time on Facebook and so on. It's pretty ingenious. But what they're also going to be doing is ad revenue share same business model as YouTube, paying creators through ads, that is huge. And from what I'm hearing, those ads are going you're going to be making more money on Facebook than on YouTube. I'm just saying this is a very big deal for filmmakers, and for video creators. So when they launched, it will only be curated content and only be original programming. But as they start rolling this out over the next month and possibly year. So you will be able to as an individual and independent artists and independent production company or producer to create your own show tabs. So basically now anybody and everybody can have their own show, complete very similarly to what you could do on YouTube. But the audience is so much different than it is on YouTube, and you'll be able to make more money. It's just another avenue for you to be able to monetize your creations. And it doesn't have to be House of Cards, you can be just talking on a camera. And if you got an audience that wants to watch you for free and watch ads, you'll get paid. I really want to impress upon you guys, what a game changer This is for all filmmakers. All you got to do is start creating start thinking about how you can create content for this medium as well that you can use for any other medium. And if you happen to be sitting on a bunch of content, whether that be YouTube videos that you've done over the years, whether that be short films, feature films are just sitting around gathering dust. Why not? Put it up. If you have a series, let's say a series of videos, and you put it up on amazon video on YouTube and on Facebook watch, and you start generating revenue on it, why wouldn't you do that? You're getting your work out there, you're getting your face out there, and you're making money along the way. Are you going to get rich by this? No, would you release a feature film that cost $100,000. And that's the only way you're gonna make your money, no. But you can start creating content. And you can start making money and getting your brand your movie yourself as a filmmaker or production company out to a much larger audience. And if you happen to have a large Facebook audience already, this is going to be amazing for you guys. So I just wanted to kind of put this out there for you guys. So you can know what's going on and know what this ever changing landscape is like. So just like, just like I did an episode on Amazon Video direct, which you could start generating money. I've already started generating money on just my short films and things like that. You can start doing that with Facebook watch when they roll it out for individual creators, which hopefully will be soon they might mention it today at their big announcement, or in the months to come. But definitely keep an eye on that. And on a side note, another little guy who's been thrown his hat into the video creation ring is Apple, they just announced that they're going to spend $1 billion this year on video original video content. So they're going to be throwing their hat in the ring as well. You've got these juggernauts, all battling for eyeballs. Because this is an attention economy. That is what we are in an attention economy. Don't let anyone tell you any different. It's all about who can grab the attention of the customer, whether that be Amazon so they can sell you stuff, or whether it be YouTube, Facebook, or Snapchat, which they're trying to start getting getting into it as well, to keep you on their platform to keep you watching to keep you buying. That is what people are looking for an attention economy, listen to what I'm telling you guys, if you can grab a customer or the audience's attention as a filmmaker, whether that be making films, short TV series, documentaries, how to videos, however it is, you will be in power, the larger your audience, the more money you can make, and the more control you can have over your art form. This is a huge deal. I wanted to bring it to you guys. And let you know I'm gonna put a link in a bunch of links in the description, talking about Facebook watch, as well as the Big Apple announcement that came out a little bit ago. So guys, what are you waiting for go out, make your movie, go out and make your shorts. There is never been a better time to be an independent filmmaker, never been a better time to be an independent filmmaker, you can get your films, watch, you can get them out there. There's no effing excuse anymore. But you can go out there and be a successful filmmaker and understand this is not a one year plan. This is a 10 year plan. And you have to think about it that way. And if you start going down this path, and you're doing Oh, after four months, nothing's happening, then you're not cut out for this business and go sell some shoes somewhere else. All right. I'm sorry to be rough. I'm just excited. I wanted you guys to get this information. And as always, keep the hustle going. Keep that dream alive. And I'll talk to you soon.




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