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How to Get Your Film into the Sundance Film Festival with Trevor Groth

So I can safely say most filmmakers want their films played at the Sundance Film Festival. Getting into Sundance is like winning the lottery. Former guest and all-around cool guy Sebastian Twardosz had the pleasure of sitting down with Sundance Film Festival Director of Programming, Trevor Groth, and ask him how he lines up films for the most influential film festival in America.

They also look at Robert Redford and the inception of the Sundance Film Festival, along with how indie filmmakers like Bryan Singer and Steven Soderbergh broke into the mainstream of the film industry with films like The Usual Suspects and Sex, Lies, and Videotape in this interview. Enjoy!

Here’s a bit more about Trevor Groth:
As Director of Programming for the Sundance Film Festival, Trevor Groth supervises the Programming staff, collaborates with the Director of the Festival on strategic planning and oversees the selection process for both films and jury members. He also programs film and music for Sundance London and oversees the Sundance Institute’s ShortsLabs.

Groth’s first job in film was as a development assistant for the Sundance Institute in 1992. He joined the programming staff a year later and has worked there ever since. During that time, along with programming at Sundance, he has been a consultant for numerous international festivals and film organizations including Artisan Entertainment, Australian Film Institute, IFILM and the Off-Plus Camera Film Festival in Krakow.

From 2001-2009 he served as Artistic Director for the CineVegas Film Festival. Working closely with Dennis Hopper, who was Chair of the Creative Advisory Board, he shaped the festival into one of the most distinctive and “dangerous” film festivals in the world. In 2009 he was one of ten festival directors asked to contribute to the Phaidon Press publication Take 100: The Future of Film: 100 New Directors.
Groth graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Telecommunications and Film.

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