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Samuel L. Jackson Masterclass: Learn Acting from the F**king Master

As a kid, Samuel L. Jackson stuttered so badly that he stopped talking for almost a year. Today he’s one of the world’s most successful actors, with roles in over 100 films, including Pulp Fiction and The Avengers. For the first time, the Oscar-nominated star teaches how he creates memorable characters, powerful performances, and a long-lasting career.

Jackson broke out as a critically-acclaimed actor when the Cannes Film Festival awarded the “Best Supporting Actor” award to honor his performance in 1991’s Jungle Fever. Soon after, he was contacted by director Quentin Tarantino for perhaps his most legendary role: Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. Since then, Jackson starred in another five Tarantino films and has left his indelible mark on Hollywood with roles in films such as Shaft, A Time to Kill, Unbreakable, Die Hard: With A Vengeance, and The Avengers. His colorful and truly iconic 45-year film roster has established him as one of this generation’s most distinguished actors.

In his MasterClass, Samuel L. Jackson will share lessons from his experience playing 100+ characters in some of the biggest franchises in history. Students will learn how to break down a script, leverage their voice, embody their characters, improve their auditioning skills, and collaborate within the industry. Jackson will break down his unique process to deliver an acting class that is unlike any other. Learn to master auditions, analyze scripts, and find the truth in every role you play.

“In my MasterClass, I hope students learn that there’s no limit to what they can make-believe. By the end, they’ll be able to walk into a room, present their best self, and be happy with the result,” – Samuel L. Jackson

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Not Just for Actors, Filmmakers Take Notice

This is not only amazing for actors but great for directors, screenwriters and producers as well. Filmmakers can learn and observe the craft of acting. A better understanding of the acting process, the better your films will come out.

Samuel L. Jackson Masterclass: Learn Acting for the F*ing Master

  • Samuel L. Jackson teaches you acting in 20+ exclusive video lessons.
  • Interactive exercises
  • A  downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.
  • Lifetime access, with classes that never expires
  • Learning materials and workbooks
  • Accessible from any device
  • Watch, listen, and learn as Samuel L. Jackson teaches his most comprehensive acting class ever.
  • Office Hours: Upload work to get feedback from the class. Samuel L. Jackson will also critique select student work.

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If this class is anything like past Masterclass’ you are in for a treat.

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Here are some additional videos to give you a taste of Samuel L. Jackson’s teaching techniques.

Samuel Lorey Jackson is a hardworking and popular Hollywood actor. He has made a countless number of appearances in a lot of movies. Including Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction and the first episode of Star Wars.

Samuel L. Jackson was born on 21st December 1948 in Washington D.C. Jackson was brought up by his grandmother in Chattanooga. He graduated in the year 1972 from Morehouse College and made skits regarding racial inequality with a theatre company. Jackson later moved over to New York City where his relationship with Spike Lee helped him to get his first movie gigs. In the year 1994, he got a role in the hit movie, Pulp Fiction. By the time he got to 62 years of age, Samuel L. Jackson had made an appearance in over 100 movies, and he emerged as the highest grossing actor ever in 2011 with over $7.3 billion in wealth.

Early Life

Samuel L. Jackson lived in Washington with his grandmother in Chattanooga, and his mother, Jackson Elizabeth joined them when he was about ten years old. As a young movie enthusiast, Samuel L. Jackson frequently went to see movies at the local film theater, got more knowledge, and exposed to the complex messages that surround the black presence on screen. They edited Band of Angel versions for the blacks in Chattanooga, removing a scene in which a white woman was slapped by Sidney Poitier.

The early memories of Samuel L. Jackson remained with him when he got into the historically black Morehouse College in Atlanta, and he became highly involved in the movement of black-power. In his junior year in the year 1969, Jackson protested the lack of black people on the school’s board of trustees by locking some members of the board for two days in a building. Jackson was later expelled from the college because of that act. Later that year, Jackson saw the Negro Ensemble company’s performance and got a new inspiration which was acting. After serving as a social worker for about two years in LA, Samuel L. Jackson went back to Morehouse College to study acting, and he graduated and got his degree in the year 1972.

Samuel L. Jackson Early Career

After Jackson finished college, Jackson and his future wife Richardson LaTanya that he met at the sister school of Morehouse, Spelman College, became part of the Black Image Theatre Company. They both explored the country and made skits characterized by a combination of humor and range for basically white people. In the year 1976, after exhausting their politically charged theatre enthusiasm, Jackson and Richardson moved to Harlem in New York City, to pursue a career in acting.

Samuel L. Jackson started acting in Off-Broadway productions, alongside Wesley Richard’s The Mighty Gents, an adoption of the Mother Courage of Bertolt Brecht. He was also offered a job to substitute Bill Cosby in the rehearsals of Cosby Show. In the year 1981, while working on “A Soldier’s Play” by Fuller Charles, Samuel L. Jackson encountered two life-changing experiences. He met the famous actor Morgan J. Freeman, who became a very good friend to Jackson and encouraged Jackson that he can be a great and a successful actor.

The second person he had an encounter with was Spike Lee who was a student at the New York University film. Spike Lee expressed his enthusiasm for the performance of Jackson and told him to appear in the movies he wants to make. Jackson agreed and kept to his word, and he made an appearance in the early movies of Spike Lee including Do The Right Thing, School Daze, and Mo’ Better Blues. The relationship between them duly paid off for Samuel L. Jackson, as it was the role he played as a drug addict named Gator Jungle Fever by Lee that finally got the attention of critics and earned him some praise. The Cannes Film Festival judges made a category of Best Supporting Actor to give Samuel L. Jackson the award. The New York Film Critics award was also given to Jackson. Through acting as an on-screen drug demon, Samuel L. Jackson was made to face his personal off-screen demon, a very strong addiction to alcohol and drugs. The purging nature of Jackson’s performance helped him to give up drugs and alcohol, making it both professional and personal success.

Samuel L. Jackson continued to take small roles in movies such as True Romance and Juice, and he played the role of an FBI agent in the movie titled White Sands, showing off his impressive skills and his ability to add an extra twist to every character. Samuel L. Jackson overcame to flops in Hollywood, Amos & Andrew and National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon, by creating little but very effective performances in Patriot Games and Menace II Society.

Breakout Role

In the year 1994, after he has established a reputation as one of the hardest working Hollywood actors, Samuel L. Jackson got an opportunity to play the most the most important role of his career in the instant cult classic in Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction. Working from the dream script of any actor, Samuel L. Jackson played the character of Jules Winnfield, a sermon-preaching killer with more than four pages of volatile and dangerous speeches. He walked and terrified people with his performance that is considered impassionate, becoming the mysterious moral center this psychologically twisted movie. Samuel L. Jackson got a nomination for an Academy Award for the role he played in the movie.

After which, Samuel L. Jackson went on to make a lot of wonderful Hollywood movies, including The Long Kiss Goodnight (action thriller) and A night to kill by Grisham John. But Jackson continued participating in independent endeavors like the Trees Lounge of Steve Buscemi. In the year 1993, Samuel L. Jackson made a comeback to the stage in Distant Fires which he desired so much, saying to Premiere magazine that he always wants to return to the theater to make that he is still an actor.

Famous Roles Played By Samuel L. Jackson

In the year 2000, Samuel L. Jackson did a movie alongside with Tommy Jones Lee in Rules of Engagement (a military thriller) and also in the movie remake of the classical 1970s exploitation of black people hit Shaft. Jackson also acted alongside with Bruce Willis in the movie titled Unbreakable, a supernatural and amazing thriller directed and written by M. N. Shyamalan.

In the year 2002, Samuel L. Jackson starred alongside with Affleck Ben in the movie “Changing Lanes.” Jackson also made an appearance in the second episode of Star Wars (Attack of the clones). Also in the year 2005, Samuel L. Jackson made an appearance in the movie Coach Carter. Later that same year, he also appeared in the third episode of Star Wars titled Revenge of the Sith. In 2006, Jackson starred in the movies Black Snake Moan, and still, in that same year, Samuel L. Jackson was also starred in hit movie titled Snakes on a Plane.

In the year 2008, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in the movie “Jumper.” The role of Nick Fury was also played by Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man. Jackson’s appearance came only after the rolling of the final credits, paving the way for the inevitable outcome of the successful movie. In the year 2010, Samuel L. Jackson also starred in the movie Iron Man 2, making a nine-film agreement with the makers of Iron Man “Marvel” to play the character. In addition to his numerous successes and achievements, Samuel L. Jackson was named the highest grossing Hollywood movie actor of all time in the year 2011 by The Guinness Book of Records. The major part of the estimated $7.3 billion in the wealth of Samuel L. Jackson came from his very big franchise movies which are Pulp fiction, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars. Samuel L. Jackson later seemed to be very busy as usual with his Marvel movies that are comic-related and as well as other projects too.

In the year 2014, Samuel L. Jackson appeared in the movie Captain America (The Winter Soldier). He also made appearances in the remake of Robocop and the Reasonable Doubt, as well as making appearances in other movies. Samuel L. Jackson also played Nick Fury which was his popular Marvel character on a small screen. Samuel L. Jackson also appeared as a guest on the popular the TV series known as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with Clark Gregg. In the year 2015, Samuel L. Jackson made appearances in movies such as The Hateful Eight and Chi-Raq.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Personal Life

Samuel L. Jackson and Richardson LaTanya got married in 1980, and they presently live in California. They have one child whose name is Zoe. When Jackson was asked by a reporter why his wife remained with him in his wilder years, he said his wife said he has now grown to become the man that she had always wanted him to be.

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Samuel L. Jackson

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