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The Room – A Cinematic Disaster

There are bad movies, there are worse movies and then there is The Room which is so terribly awful that it has transcended to being good. Though it has gained popularity as a cult movie, it is simply disastrous. And possibly the best worst movie ever made. The Room’s writer/director/star/producer Tommy Wiseau is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, which makes the legend of this film ever more intoxicating.

None of the movies have gained fame over being pathetic but its intrigue lies in being pathetic which made people watch it. It is the best bad movie ever and undoubtedly the worst of all.

Owing its notoriety to a billboard (that stood for five years over Sunset Boulevard) first in Los Angeles, this movie with a terrible script, direction, acting and terrible everything with a cast of unknowns was opened for a short time period.


It was shut down two weeks later after being seen by the critics. It barely made sufficient money to fall under the category of flop movie, but it built a cult following thanks to fans like Paul Rudd and Kristen Bell. The history’s most atrocious crime against cinema, The Room was showed in viewing parties to friends and it gained the title of a midnight movie with monthly shows in cities across the United States and Europe as well.

You know how you see a movie and every scene is like a masterpiece? It is pretty much the same with The Room, the masterpiece of awfulness. Each and every scene is so bad it is intoxicatingly terrible.

None of the movies ever made are as crappy as and revered fame over being so rubbish. It is absolutely horrible to watch the whole time.

Let’s see the plot of this disaster recipe,

Very similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Room (WATCH IT HERE) now a cult classic and a midnight favorite, is about man named Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) and um his struggles with his bride-to-be Lisa (Juliette Danielle) , his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero) and his weird 17 year old (who certainly is the oldest of 17 year old in the history) neighbor whom Johnny treats like a son and supports him financially but who has feelings for Lisa. Lisa cheats on Johnny with Mark that’s the crux of the story but what happens throughout the movie is so bad that many people were hypnotized with laughter while watching the movie.

Movie making is all kinds of difficult be it good or bad, but making possibly (read certainly) the worst movie in the history of movies, you need to have luck and drive, a vision and obsessive pride. The writer/director/producer and the lead role Tommy Wiseau happens to have all of them with a complete lack of acting skills.

The Room is a disaster-piece of framed pictures of spoons (the movie features lot of them), horrible green screen shots, flower shop doggies, weird too-close football games and weird accents.

There may be bad movies, but The Room certainly tops them all by being bad in all ways. By the plot of a cheating fiancé and couple troubles it may seem like a structured movie right? It’s not. The worst movie of all time, it is the worst directed, worst written, acted movie you will ever torture your eyes with. Suspending all the rules of drama it is the kind of movie which leaves you hysteric and dismayed at the same time.

You will see conflicts arise and then disappear into thin air. The characters display quick mood swings and the dialogues. Oh the accent. Apart from the fact that the dialogues are poorly written the bizarre usage of idioms, their seems to be a weird English brand by all and the sex scenes tend to be scarier than the scary scenes. (You might want to watch the movie after all these terrible facts).

Although Tommy Wiseau thought he was making a brilliantly serious and important drama, the crappiness of the movie is so compelling that now Wiseau insists that it was a black comedy but we know it was deadly serious to him.

One finds it difficult to adjust the evil genius of Tommy Wiseau who came up with this disaster of a movie. I mean what was he thinking??

The Room has the strangest symbolism for male bonding. Whenever it shows two men being good friends, they are throwing a football back and forth. Doesn’t sound weird? They are only two feet away from each other.

All the male characters don tuxes at one point and there’s the football again. The reason to tux? None. There is no wedding even.

The shots. The night has the establishing shots but scenes are shot in the day and vice versa. And all the scenes of rooftop were shot in front of a static green-screen image which is clearly from the 1950s.

“The Room is known as the Citizen Kane of Bad Movies – Entertainment Weekly

The movie has weird characters. Denny the neighbor kid was downright creepy to be honest. Johnny is like a fatherly figure to him but he has feelings for Lisa and to add to the creepiness, he loves to watch their love life (sex scenes) and isn’t afraid or shameful to tell them even.


There is a dead-end kind of story about a drug deal that Denny made and the issue isn’t even brought up again in the entire movie and the scene where this oldest 17-year old gets shot, the editing is so poor and messed up it will definitely have you cracking up. It is that bad!

And the love scenes that Denny so enjoys, The Room has used the same footage for all the love scenes rather than shooting additional scenes. Repeatedly. Wiseau thought that people wouldn’t notice. Well they did. Big Time.

Then there are the spoons. For no clear reason, camera keeps coming on to the spoon photographs and yes framed. It appears many times inexplicably which inspired the audience to bring plastic spoons to the theatre and whenever a spoon comes up, plastic spoons are thrown at screen. Spoons happen to be an unexplained phenomenon of this movie.

Then the downright insensitivity! Claudette, Lisa’s mother tells her about her breast cancer and Lisa told her not to worry and she will be fine. (Your mother is diagnosed with cancer woman! Have some heart!) Like many other things, it wasn’t brought up again in the movie.

Crossing all levels of bad, makes The Room the BEST worst movie of all time.

The Room is even getting the “true” Hollywood treatment. James Franco is working on not only directing but also starring in an film adaptation of Greg Sestero’s remarkable book, The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made, the behind the scenes story about the making of the best worst film ever made, The Room directed by enigmatic director Tommy Wiseau.

It looks like in addition to James Franco, his brother Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Zac Efron, Kate Upton, Josh Hutcherson and others, James Franco has now added Oscar nominated actor Bryan Cranston to his filmmaking opus.

Everything Wrong With The Room In 8 Minutes Or Less

Cinema Sins did this AMAZING video breaking down The Room.  We take on the so-called “worst movie ever made”: The Room, which several of you have requested. How bad is it? Well, it’s so bad, half the Cinema Sins team still hasn’t even watched it to this day. We also might have broken the sin counter with this one, but we’re looking into getting it fixed.


CNN Official Interview: Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero on ‘The Room’

The Room – “Inceptionized Trailer”

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  1. Alishajr on October 23, 2016 at 10:16 am

    It’s trully the worst movie ever done, but you will going to love it. I saw this movie more then 4 times and I cant get enough of it. I even bought this hilarious you are tearing me apart Lisa shirt