GUACAMOLE GUN, Robert Rodriguez

The first time I ever heard of the “Guacamole Gun” was watching Robert Rodriguez’s 10 minute film school on DVD for the third part of his El Mariachi series “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” (he developed it first in his and Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn) Robert talked up the Guacamole Gun something fierce, saying:

“The Guacamole Gun saved me a ton of time on set. I could just shoot a blood hit and if I didn’t like it we could reset again in no time and try again. The traditional way of doing these kinds of shots would of cost precious time on set, which in turn costs lots of money. The Guacamole Gun is a life saver, I wish I had it on El Mariachi.”

Basically, a Guacamole Gun is a cheap way to get a very cool blood hit done on screen, without any pyrotechnics.  Awesome for action, horror films or anytime you might need a cool and fast blood hit. We loved using it on BROKEN (Watch it FREE on Amazon Prime). One of my villains needed to get her head blown off and this fit the bill perfectly.

How do we make the Guacamole Gun?

Now Robert talked about using it but never really gave us the recipe. So my team and I went to work trying to figure out how to make this contraption. It’s a simple enough gadget. You’ll need an air compressor, some PVC pipe, time and some fake blood. We did a ton of testing on our Guacamole Gun. From the size and length of the PVC pipe, to the nozzle and air compressor settings. It’s simple but it is a true art form getting the combination all those elements right, depending what kind of blood hit you are trying to achieve. The entire recipe we used is at the end of the video below.

As always have fun and experiment to see what you can achieve with this awesome Guacamole Gun we like to call the blood canon. Crazy cool!

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