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Robert McKee: Master Class on the Craft of Story

If you haven’t heard of Robert McKee then you’re in for treat. Robert McKee is what is considered a “guru of gurus” in the screenwriting and storytelling world.

He has lectured on storytelling for three decades, and his book Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting (FREE AUDIO BOOK VERSIONS HERE) is a “screenwriters’ bible“.

It’s also become the bible for TV writers, and entertainment executives, and their assistants.

McKee’s former students include 67 Academy Award winners, 200+ Emmy Award winners, 100+ Writers Guild of America Award winners, and 52 Directors Guild of America Award winners.

Some of his “Story Seminar” alumnae including Oscar® Winners Peter Jackson, Julia Roberts, John Cleese,  Geoffrey Rush, Paul Haggis, Akiva Goldsman, William Goldman, and Jane Capon, among many others.

I read his book years ago and refer to it often. I discovered McKee after watching the brilliant film Adaptation by the remarkable Charlie Kaufman. Kaufman literally wrote him into the script as a character. McKee’s character was portrayed by the Emmy Award-winning actor Brian Cox.

The film is amazing and highly recommend it to anyone trying to write a screenplay. Below are interviews, lectures and master classes given by Robert McKee.

Absorb as much knowledge as you can because it come fast and hard.

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Robert Mckee: Master the Art of Storytelling

Take a Listen to the #1 Screenwriting Podcast on iTunes! Guests include Jim Uhls (Fight Club), Doug Richardson (Bad Boys), Michael Hauge, Chris Vogler & much more.

Robert McKee’s Film Analysis: The Lego Movie

Robert McKee and Bass El-Wakil engage in an animated discussion about The Lego Movie. Their review ranges over a variety of subjects, including Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the nature of Satire, how to create successful Set Ups and Pay Offs, and why it may no longer be possible to do a “Nolan-style” Batman.

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STORY Seminar with Robert McKee

I found this amazing series of well taken notes from THE INFAMOUS ROBERT MCKEE: STORY SEMINAR drawn by


For the rest of the 14 pages of notes from the STORY Seminar w/ Robert McKee click here: Story Notes

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  1. […] Immortalized by the film Adaptation, McKee delves deeply into the components necessary for making a great script. I find his principles of “controlling idea” (which closely resembles Lagos Egri’s concept of “premise” in The Art of Dramatic Writing) and “gap between expectation and result” incredibly useful. I always turn to McKee’s teachings for guidance. Also check out Robert McKee’s FREE MASTER CLASS. […]

  2. How to Create a High Concept for Your Screenplay on September 10, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    […] to arch, your lips to purse, and your brain to go, “Hmmm… intriguing.” It’s what Robert McKee, the author of Story, refers to as the magic “What […]


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