Quentin Tarantino Interview

Quentin Tarantino Interview: Screenwriting The Hateful Eight with Chris Nolan

The Quentin Tarantino Interview! For the film geeks in the audience I have a treat for you! What if Christopher Nolan sat down to interview Quentin Tarantino about writing The Hateful Eight and his process to shoot it on 70mm?

Well you are in luck. The good folks over at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) recently had a screening of The Hateful Eight and had an amazing Q&A with  Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan.

What Quentin Tarantino has done with The Hateful Eight is unique. He has brought back to life the Ultra Panavision 70 technique along with anamorphic 65mm lenses that haven’t been seen since the 60’s.

Read Quentin Tarantino script here (yes it’s a completely legal download): The Hateful Eight Screenplay  

Take a listen to this remarkable interview with Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan at the Directors Guild of America. 

 A Christmas Eve Conversation With Quentin Tarantino & Paul Thomas Anderson on 70mm Film

Quentin: I didn’t realize how much of a lost cause [35mm] was. At the same time I didn’t realize to the same extent 70mm would be a drawing point. Not just to me and other film geeks. There is no intelligent argument to be had that puts digital in front of [70mm]. It actually might be film’s saving grace. Film’s last stand. Film’s last night in the arena — and actually conquer.


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Here’s the trailer to The Hateful Eight.

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