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What is Public Domain Video?

Public domain video content refers to that which has no copyright restriction, meaning a content creator can use public domain video absolutely free and without having to ask permission to use it. This allows for an incredible amount of free content which can then be used to create a wide range of videos.

Three ways content can be public domain

That being said, most people are unsure regarding what makes a piece of content available to use in this way so, here are the three ways in which content can be public domain:

1. Any content created by a governmental body is published as public domain content. This is because the government is legally obliged to offer the content to the public domain.

2. If the content has been created and it is dedicated to public domain by the creator, it then becomes free for everyone to use.

3. A videos’ copyright will expire over time making it free for anyone to use. However, the expiration may be different from country to country so if you are thinking of using content internationally, you may need to make sure you verify the contents’ status before you use it.

How can you use public domain content?

Public domain content can ultimately be used in any way you wish, however, you do need to exercise caution if you intend to create a public domain video for commercial reasons.

For example, if any of this content contains voice, images, or recognizable features belonging to a well-known individual, you could encounter some difficulties. For this reason, it is important to be aware of privacy and publicity rights, and how these rights can affect a video once published. For example, using an image of a famous person in a video will violate these laws if the video advertises a product or service. Similarly, if the video is thought to show this particular individual in a negative light, there can be repercussions.

Third party intellectual property

When using public domain content, you should also avoid using content which contains a trade mark and music or art work belonging to another individual. Even the use of written or verbal content should be avoided if a person or brand is well-known for producing this particular information. Of course this is a tricky topic and deciding what does or does not violate the rules is debatable but either way, you should try to avoid such instances.

Tips for creating public domain videos

If you intend to create a public domain video, you may want to consider mentioning that the content you have used is public domain. You should also think about including a piece to say that if the content is not public domain, you are happy to remove it.

At the same time, you need to be careful about changing such content to make it look like your own. For example, if you use public domain content in a video and then modify it in some way, you will automatically own the copyright to the work that you have changed. However, you will also need to ensure the work is not similar to work created by another person, as this can be considered as a breach of copyright.

Crediting public domain work

When you use public domain work, it is polite to credit the original creator of the video/photograph/music. In some cases, you will find work which is free to use as you wish, but the creator may ask that you credit them. Failing to do so may result in that creator asking you to remove their content from your video.

Overall, public domain video can be a very affordable and convenient way to produce videos with high-quality content and used wisely; you should have no issues or future problems regarding copyright.

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