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My 2003 Project Greenlight Submission Tape

It’s the summer of 2003 and the second season of the filmmaking reality show, Project Greenlight, is taking submissions from directors and screenwriters. Before Batman and Jason Bourne, there was Project Greenlight, the brainchild of Oscar Winners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

I had just a few student short films and a commercial demo reel under my belt. So I submitted and to my surprise, I made it pretty high in the selection process, top 25 directors. When you get to that point in the competition you need to submit an audition tape.

I’ve been getting emails and messages over the past year because of a few tweets on Twitter. They cut a small, embarrassing clip of a young, cocky of my submission tape into the first episode of season two.

Many of the IFH tribe kept asking me if I still had the full audition tape so they could watch it. I went digging in the VHS, Mini-DV archives and I found it. It was fun to see that 28-year-old filmmaker with stars in his eyes, but it was cringe-worthy as well.

I decided to pop it up on YouTube to see what you all think. It’s really interesting to see myself so young, with visions of what he wanted his life to be not knowing what was in store for him. I hope the tribe will get something out of this, or at least you’ll have a great laugh. Please be gentle in the comments. Enjoy!



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Taught by veteran award-winning film producer and author Suzanne Lyons. The filmmaker behind over a dozen profitable low-budget feature films.


Taught by veteran award-winning film producer and author Suzanne Lyons. The filmmaker behind over a dozen profitable low-budget feature films.