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How to Save Days Syncing Video Dailies with Pluraleyes

I don’t know about you but syncing video dailies drives me nuts. It takes forever to do and if you don’t have a timecode slate on set it can take days. Help is on the way. I started using this witchcraft…I mean program to sync my dailies called PluralEyes. .

You just drop your boom or lav mic audio into the app then drop in the video file with camera mic audio and hit sync. The program automatically syncs it all. It’s witchcraft. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can use PluralEyes in your post production workflow.

If you ever wanted to learn how to sync your video dailies without going nuts then check out Pluraleyes. Since I started using PluralEyes it has made my life in post production so much easier. To download a FREE trial go to: PluralEyes

[Please Note: I was given a free copy of the software for evaluation. My review is my true and honest opinion of the program]

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