DAY ONE $597 (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
DAY TWO $597 (Filmtrepreneur® Training)


The Make Your Movie Bootcamp is for those people looking to jump start their filmmaking careers while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding them back.



Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Get When You Sign Up For The Make Your Movie Bootcamp:

  • Film Production Hacks

    After 25 years making and selling films I've picked up many tricks of the trade I will share with you to help you jump start your feature film.

  • Filmtrepreneur® Method

    We go over the techniques on how to generate real revenue from your feature film by creating multiple revenue streams that are not dependent on the out-of-date film distribution model.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Learn how to use the most powerful marketing machine ever invented to help sell your film projects.

  • Alternate Ways to Raise Money

    In the world of social media, equity crowdfunding, and pitching investors I discuss many ways to raise the money you need to make your film.

  • Film Festivals

    I will show you the ins and outs of submitting to film festivals, as well as how to navigate the festival world. I also go over how to leverage film festivals in your marketing and distribution plan.

  • Self Distribution Secrets

    Pulling off a successful self-distribution campaign is extremely difficult, but it doesn't have to be. I'll go over how I successfully self-distributed my feature and discuss multiple case studies of other successful filmmakers that have done the same.

  • Q&A Session

    I will set apart time each day to answer and discuss questions that are specifically about your feature film project and filmmaking goals.

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Plus, You're Getting These Amazing Bonuses As Well When You Sign Up Today:

  • Surprise Industry Experts

    I'll be inviting two film industry heavyweights to discuss film finance, film festivals and distribution.

  • Indie Film Hustle TV

    You will receive FREE one year access to my streaming service IFHTV, the Netflix for Filmmakers and Screenwriters. Thousands of hours of online courses, filmmaking documentaries, shows, interviews, and feature films. 

  • Shooting for the Mob:

    You will receive a FREE copy of my best-selling book Shooting for the Mob (Based on the Incredible True Filmmaking Story).

  • Rise of the Filmtrepreneur

    You will receive a FREE copy and early access of my forthcoming book Rise of the Filmtrepreneur: How to Turn Your Independent Film into a Moneymaking Business.

  • Exclusive Access

    To the Make Your Movie Bootcamp Facebook Group and Community.



I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your filmmaking and Filmtrepreneural journey. It is my goal to help you jump start your feature film and guide you through the rough waters of the film industry.


Thank you and I hope to see you soon.