Micro Budget Film Production – How to Make a Feature Film on the CHEAP!

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Micro Budget Film Production – How to Make a Feature Film on the CHEAP!

I’m alway on the look out for top notch filmmaking education, especially when it’s DIY kinda of stuff. I came across this pretty amazing course called The Art of Micro Budget Film Production.

This film workshop is 3 days of non-stop information, all of which will allow you to expand your business and increase your profits. The videos below are from the creativeLIVE Micro Budget Filmmaking course shows you how you can use your talents, training and equipment to design moving images that tell a story.

In this course you’ll discover what you’ll need for your camera bag, lighting, how to shoot a conversation – all during a live shoot! You’ll learn how to create a story throughout the editing process.

Introduction and Script Formatting

If you are interested in learning more here’s a bit of info on the course and get a IFH Discount click here: The Art of Micro Budget Film Production

Check out these excellent resources and videos on Micro Budget Film Production.

MFM Filmmaker Interview: Edward Burns Discusses Micro Budget Film Production

Writer/Director Edward Burns sat down with us at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 to discuss why he loves the freedom that comes with microbudget filmmaking, the compromises that are involved when working with less money, why digital distribution interests him more than conventional theatrical, using social media (primarily Twitter) to reach his audience and why he enjoys it.

Making a Movie Without a Hollywood Budget and Big Crew

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Micro Budget Film Production – Tips And Advice

Whether you have a low budget or no budget at all, here are a few tips for all phases of filmmaking including, writing, pre-production, production and post production. When working on a low budget your immediate resources become your best and only assets for telling a story and your ability to use them creatively can mean creating great films consistently because you’re not limited by money.

A Practical Introduction to Micro Budget Film Production
with Elliot Grove – Raindance

Indie film guru Elliot Grove, founder of the Raindance Film Festival, presents some key considerations for low budget feature film producers. In this highly engaging session, Elliot talks about the common pitfalls of deal making and unpicks the UK tax breaks system before moving onto the importance of selling your product — from standing out from the crowd at film festivals to tricks that you can employ to help ensure that you are taken seriously.

This highlights video was recorded at ‘Show Me The Money’, an event exploring new financing and production strategies, which took place in Leeds on 17th February. The conference formed part of the Triangle development programme aimed at connecting and supporting filmmakers across the North, an initiative of Screen Yorkshire, Vision + Media and Northern Film & Media, supported by Skillset’s Film Skills Fund.

RainDance – Marketing Your Micro Budget Film Production 

This session with, Sarah Sarahphotogirl, Elliot Grove, Raindance Film Festival and Michelle Eastwood, Escape Films focuses on how to market and sell yourself on a microbudget. Forget about sending your CV out into the ether and hoping for the best, you need to think about tweeting your career, maximising your online presence and getting out there.

Topics covered include PR versus advertising, marketing and branding, identifying your USP, tricks to maximise your social networking strategy and the importance of face to face contact.

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