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Max Landis: How This Screenwriter is Disrupting Hollywood

Max Landis, is known for his incredible talent as a loud and outspoken screenwriter. The paydays he has gotten for his screenplays harp back to the 80’s and 90’s when screenplays by Shane Black and Joe Eszterhas were selling for millions.

Apart from screenwriting, he has also worked as a director, executive producer, actor, novelist, as well as an outspoken comic book writer.

According to the critics, Max Landis’ work is a complete mixture of magnification, comic, and sensitivity, and these features are considered to be integrated within the default settings of his nature.

Landis’ genres of choice are fun action, adaptations of treasured properties, and last but not the least, horror. Getting into the film industry was not a dream of Max Landis mainly because he is the son of the renowned director, John Landis.

Max Landis and Screenwriting:

max-landisThey say that Max Landis has an exceptional ability to spill his heart out on the pages, which translates through the dialogues in his screenplays. There’s definitely a hidden darkness and depth to the man behind the scripts.

Max Landis claims that he writes faster than any of the writers that he has ever met in his lifetime.

Hannah Marks said in one of her interviews that

“Max Landis is one of those few good screenwriters who are just good at everything mainly due to the tone he maintains while screenwriting.”

These unusual traits provide the ultimate blend of comedy and drama.

Max Landis does not incorporate drama, action, or comedy exclusively in his screenwriting but he also adds an element of humanity, more than what we see in the books, and thus, it becomes easier to replicate it.

As per the reaction of the audience and that of the critics, no other possibility could have been better for Max Landis than the opportunity of becoming a screenwriter. It seems like he was born to writer screenplays, which is why he has earned more than most established screenwriters, even though they are older and probably wiser than he is.

Impact of Landis’s Nature on His Career:

Forming a deep relationship with the fans as well as maintaining a firm repute in the industry is a difficult task and Max Landis does not seem to have any problem in the maintenance of that reputation or relationship. Apart from all the fame, Max Landis has also faced a lot of negative criticism.

He said in one interview that

“Every time someone blames him for something, he learns something new out of it. There are certain loopholes still present in Hollywood, which is why people do not have any control over what they are saying about the screenwriters, directors, etc.”

One great thing about Landis is that there came a time when he stopped paying attention all the negative criticism against him and let his work do the talking. By crafting unique characters, who speak for themselves, Landis gave voice to them rather than using his voice to answer the negative criticism.

Even with all this negativity around, there is no doubt in the fact that Max Landis has a strong public persona, even though half of the audiences fascinate him and the rest of the others are against him.

It is probably a never-ending controversy since Landis is a highly outspoken man, regarding the screenwriting and as a person.

He has experienced awkward situations where he met with a lot of individuals who hated his father and yet, he had to work with them. But then again, fate has played a vital role in the reputation of this screenwriter, and we cannot say that he was only driven by the pursuit of fame, sympathy, or money.

He stepped into the industry with the objective of understanding the role of a screenwriter deeply and making this position as visible as possible. The purpose of Landis seemed irrational to many people, but all he wanted was to give the screenwriters a bigger slice of the cake. People had misconceptions about the job of the screenwriters, and he was on a mission to clarify it.

Landis rose to the fame on the internet due to his appearances on some TV shows and has a huge fan-following on all of his social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. He is surely not afraid of self-branding and has given a lot of interviews in which he discussed his views on everything, without any shame or censor.

He has benefitted greatly from the fame of his father in the industry, which is why probably he is the youngest, yet the most successful, screenwriter of Hollywood.

Landis is not just a screenwriter as he has accomplished various other projects as well. They say that he is the only screenwriter in America who has achieved such success and fame under the age of 30, regardless of the hatred he receives sometimes.

His Recognized Works:

Apart from “Chronicle,”Me, Him, Her” has gone a long way along with a controversial subject. He worked as a director for this movie, and it’s not constructed around a political theme, and yet, it is considered controversial. He has worked for many short films as well, for instance, “The Death and Return of Superman” and “Tumbler.”

Landis has penned down many other comics as well, which are quite famous, for instance, “Superman: American Alien” and “Green Valley,” which he wrote for Image Comics. This multitalented screenwriter has also directed one of Ariana Grande’s music videos, One Last Time.

Apart from Chronicle, Max Landis has also managed to get a lot of fame by writing for American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein. He considers that screenwriting is quite different from script writing and that almost anyone can come up with scripts.

But then again, being a screenwriter means that one has to edit, format, re-format, distort, re-equip your passion, and incorporating the script to a certain level of commercial need.

Mr. Landis has become a screenwriter-as-celebrity who’s out to expose the “laziness” of the studio development process even while racking up HUGE script sales. His screenplays have sold for an unGodly amount. His latest Bright sold for $4 million to Netflix. 


He also runs a YouTube channel in which he posts the short films that he produces, for instance, Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling.

In contrast, Landis was immensely appreciated on a larger scale with the success of Chronicle, and that was the time when he was reckoned among the new screenwriters of the industry. Recently, Deadpool was a blockbuster hit but even then he was not invited to most of the parties thrown by the other celebrities of the industry.

Max Landis says that he has been throwing wild parties in LA for a long time now since he doesn’t get invited to the right ones. He also mentioned that most people love to hate him; however, these things do not stop this determined screenwriter. Landis has inspired a lot of individuals, and he always goes that extra mile to find new ways to make his projects happen.

He has also worked on The Slap, Ghost Closet ’07, Dupe, Tumbler, and appeared as a ghost rider in Blue Brothers 2000. The reason why he is different than the other screenwriters is that he is more blunt, outspoken, comical, and extraordinary sharp-witted.

Max Landis will always be ready to answer the questions within seconds, but he tends to keep the witty responses for his characters. Max Landis Twitter account is also something to behold.

He has faced a lot of other tensions in the industry, including the time when his original script went through a development process which he was not a part of.

After this incident, Landis does not simply sell his screenplays unless they are completely packaged and until he is assured that the studio will not interfere in the story, even if they are major film distributors.

Screenwriters are not prompted up as celebrities (last time that happen was with Quentin Tarantino), as they do not put themselves out there, but Max Landis stepped out of this stereotypical tradition and made a name for himself.

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