Margaret Atwood Masterclass: [WATCH] Learn Creative Writing from the Author The Handmaid’s Tale

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Margaret Atwood Masterclass: Learn Creative Writing from the Author The Handmaid’s Tale

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In her first-ever online class, the author of the Handmaid’s Tale teaches you her approach to crafting vivid prose and hooking readers with her timeless approach to storytelling. Margaret Atwood Masterclass, arguably one of the world’s best fictional writers, is an award-winning and prolific author of more than fifty novels, books of poetry, and critical essays. Her 1985 dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, was adapted into the Emmy-winning TV series on Hulu, now in its second season, and was the best-selling book on Amazon in 2017.

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Atwood’s Booker Prize-nominated 1996 novel, Alias Grace, was also adapted to a TV series for Netflix. Her recent works include a book of short stories, Stone Mattress: Nine Tales; and the MaddAddam trilogy. Unrestricted by genre barriers, Atwood has explored nearly every form of writing – including comic books, with her 2016 superhero series Angel Catbird. In Margaret Atwood Masterclass she will teach her process for writing speculative and historical fiction, and discuss novels based on dystopian societies. Students will learn techniques Atwood uses to keep readers engaged – how to developing compelling plots with complex structures, how to choose a narrative point of view, and how to create nuanced characters.

The Margaret Atwood Masterclass will also give students a glimpse of her research materials and the first handwritten draft of The Handmaid’s Tale, as well as the manuscript draft materials of Alias Grace.

Creativity is one of the most essential things about being human, Storytelling is very ancient; the novel is a more modern form of storytelling. Like every other creative endeavor, novel-writing is partly learn-by-doing. In my Master Class, I’m happy to share how I wrote my stories, and my processes and tips, with people who want to write fiction themselves.”—Margaret Atwood

In this online writing class, you’ll learn about:

  • Crafting complex dystopias
  • Structure and narrative
  • Creating nuanced characters
  • Speculative fiction
  • Narrative point of view
  • Crafting dialogue
  • Prose style and texture

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Daniel Negreanu’s Masterclass is priced at $90 and includes: 

  • 20 video lessons
  • A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.
  • Lifetime access, with classes that never expires
  • Learning materials and workbooks
  • Accessible from any device
  • Watch, listen, and learn as Margaret Atwood teaches his most comprehensive creative writing class ever.
  • Office Hours: Upload videos to get feedback from the class. Margaret Atwood will also critique select student work.

If this class is anything like past Masterclass’ you are in for a treat.

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