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IMDB: How to Get Your Film Listed and Other Secrets

Sometimes I feel people believe (Internet Movie Database) is the great and powerful OZ, and to an extent they are right. If you are a filmmaker, actor or anyone in the film business and your not on IMDB (owned by you might as well be invisible. Now getting you film or yourself on IMDB isn’t as hard as it used to be.

IMDB is so huge now that it doesn’t check up on every title and crew member submission. So getting in is much easier than it was back in the day. Check out the videos below to show you step by step on how to submit yourself, your company or your film. Click here to check out my IMDB Page and see how I set it up.

Adding Yourself & Your Film to IMDb

Of course, the easiest and quickest way to get an IMDBcom link is to submit your short, feature or documentary through (it’s also owned by our entertainment overlords over at automatically get onto IMDBcom. It’ll save you time and hassle.

Updating Pages

Now you also need to keep your IMDBcom page updated with all your latest projects. In a world where people goole you before they take a meeting or hire you your IMDBcom profile is the first line of defense.

What You Should Be Doing With Your IMDb Profile

If you are an actor IMDB is your life blood. Without it you’ll never get hired. Below is a tutorial on how to set up and optimize your actor’s page properly.

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