Indie Film Hustle TV – December 2018 Releases

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Indie Film Hustle TV – December Releases

First off thank you for all the support that the IFH Tribe has given to IFHTV. It has been overwelling and that’s why I’m so busy acquiring and producing amazing new content for you every month.

I’ll be doing these posts one a month to tell you all about the new releases I have in store for you on Indie Film Hustle TV. I’ve been a busy beaver and December will have over 20 hours of new content for your streaming pleasure. Also, I’d like to announce IFHTV is now available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon TV Apps. Just go to the platforms and do a search for “Indie Film Hustle TV” and our app will pop up.

Let’s get to it.

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IFHTV Art House Indie – Sundance Winner Obselidia

This is my new series that will be spotlighting art house/film festival winning indie cinema.

Obselidia is the save-the-world love story of George Reuben, a man out of step with time, who is chronicling all things that are becoming obsolete in an encyclopedic book called the Obselidia. In his quest to capture people, technologies, and ideas he meets a beautiful cinema projectionist who turns his world upside down.

DSLR Filmmaking Masterclass Course Part #1

Learn DSLR Filmmaking from Pre-Production to Post-Production:

In this course, you will learn to capture quality video with your standard DSLR. You will learn how to capture quality video, capture clear sound, how to set up lights and much more!


  • Storytelling
  • Choosing a Camera
  • Camera Set-up
  • Operating the Camera
  • Lenses
  • Sound Gear
  • Capturing  Sound
  • Lighting 101
  • Cinematography 101
  • Exposure
  • Apertures
  • Shutter Speed
  • Cinematography Fundamentals
  • Top 10 Filmmaking Accessories
  • Filmmaking Philosophy
  • Editing (Final Cut X)

We will have several exercises for you to complete as well as at home training. You will also learn to fully function fully operate any DSLR. We have provided ways in which you can learn by doing. Filmmaking has never been so easy. This course has been developed for Beginner and Intermediate Filmmakers. 

So what are you waiting for filmmakers? Whether you are fresh out of film school, a screenwriter who wants to create his/her own content or just someone who wants to make a feature film this course is for you. 

How to Cast Your Indie Film Masterclass – Course

Years in the making, Directing Actors is the most comprehensive acting and directing training in the world. Created by Per Holmes, the course teaches a better way to be a Director, by having extremely strong technique, and the right philosophy and personality on the set.

Through over a thousand examples, we cover literally every acting and directing technique, every interaction between Actor and Director, and we cast, rehearse and shoot 9 scenes.

Directing Actors is the result of Per Holmes’ personal obsession with resolving once and for all the best way to work with Actors. Every known technique has been tested, and the results are surprising, sometimes shocking.

Directing Actors has involved almost 150 people through 7 years of development and 5 years of shooting and editing, including over 50 Actors who have gracefully allowed us to show the process without any filters.

In this course you will learn:

  • Casting Introduction 
  • Working With A Casting Director 
  • The Casting Call 
  • Evaluating Submissions 
  • What Are We Looking For Auditions Part I 
  • Directing The Audition Auditions Part II 
  • Auditions Part III

Kevin Smith: Silent, But Deadly (Extended Edition) – RENTAL ONLY

All New Extended Edition! Kevin Smith, the filmmaker, podcaster, comedian known for playing the character Silent Bob is anything but quiet in this new comedy special that was recorded an hour before his widely reported massive heart attack in February. But before he nearly died backstage, he killed onstage discussing his marriage, his kid, his friends and his work (or lack thereof).

Settle in for an hour of laughs from a man who knows how to tell great and historical stories. Smith tweeted about it after the fact, writing: “After the first show this evening, I had a massive heart attack. The Doctor who saved my life told me I had 100% blockage of my LAD artery (aka “the Widow-Maker”). If I hadn’t canceled show 2 to go to the hospital, I would’ve died tonight. But for now, I’m still above ground!”

Available for Rental Only!

The Dialogue: The Screenwriting Series – Season 3

The Dialogue: Learning From the Masters is a groundbreaking interview series that goes behind the scenes of the fascinating craft of screenwriting. In these 70-90 minute in-depth discussions, more than two-dozen of today’s most successful screenwriters share their work habits, methods and inspirations, secrets of the trade, business advice, and eye-opening stories from life in the trenches of the film industry. Each screenwriter discusses his or her filmography in great detail and breaks down the mechanics of one favorite scene from their produced work.

Bruce Joel Rubin

With over 23 years in the business, Bruce Joel Rubin has done it all – from his Oscar-winning screenplay for the romantic comedy/drama Ghost to the psychological thriller Jacob’s Ladder, the family-friendly adventure Stuart Little 2, and the tearjerker My Life, which he also directed. In this in-depth interview, Rubin delivers some insightful stuff: his carpet-laying theory about writing, the story behind Jacob’s Ladder‘s gut-wrenching opening scene, and which of his screenplays came about thanks to a burrito that didn’t digest well.

Nicholas Kazan

With close to 30 years experience in the business, Nicholas Kazan knows a few things about screenwriting. He has mastered research skills to write scripts based on true events like FrancesAt Close RangePatty Hearst, and Reversal of Fortune, which earned him an Oscar nomination. He has the knowledge of handling life after the nomination and how to manage studio notes and incorporate changes without weakening the script. He has the expertise of directing his own script, Dream Lover, and writing with a partner, including a collaboration with his wife Robin Swicord on the adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic, Matilda. And on top of all that, this seasoned professional offers insight as to why he doesn’t do lunches, what it takes to develop screenwriting muscles, and why life is always a comedy.

Jeff Nathanson

Jeff Nathanson is easily among the A-list of Hollywood screenwriters. His script for Catch Me If You Can earn him much critical praise, as well as the devotion of Steven Spielberg, who also brought him to work on his next movie, The Terminal. Nathanson has also collaborated with Jan de Bont on Twister and Speed 2: Cruise Control and with Brett Ratner on the Rush Hour films. In this interview, learn more about why he dreads pitching, never speaks during a notes meeting, and finds he can do almost all his research with the Internet and old Playboy‘s.

Ed Solomon

While most writers find success in either TV or movies, comedy or drama, original or adapted screenplays, Ed Solomon has managed to do it all. He got his start in television sitcoms and went on to write quirky sci-fi comedies Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Men in Black, the crime drama Levity, which he also directed, and the adaptation of the mystery adventure novel Tokyo Suckerpunch. In this interview, get the scoop on Solomon’s “bass-ackwards” entry into the world of screenwriting and how being just a funny guy translated into being a funny professional.

Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel

Few screenwriters can concentrate for more than a few hours, let alone sustain a career in Hollywood for over 30 years. But the blockbuster comedy writing team of Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel has been making film and television audiences laugh for decades. In the early 70s, Ganz was writing for The Odd Couple while Mandel was receiving his first paychecks for work on M*A*S*H and Busting Loose. They both eventually landed on Happy Days, and when they followed actor-turned-director Ron Howard into feature films, the result was a frequent and fruitful creative partnership.

Listen in as these Bronx-born, old-school funnymen explain the inspiring pleasures of The Dick Van Dyke Show, how to sucker-punch viewers with jokes they never see coming, why writing out loud is the best way to find your voice, how to avoid research, and when to build a scene around a housewife with an axe.

Ear Buds: The Podcast Documentary

Ear Buds: The Podcast Documentary is an upcoming documentary from comedian/filmmakers Chris Mancini and Graham Elwood of The Comedy Film Nerds Podcast. Graham and Chris captured a lot of amazing footage and interviews with podcasters such as Marc Maron, Aisha Tyler, Jimmy Pardo, Scott Aukerman, Doug Benson, and Welcome to Night Vale at this past years’ Los Angeles Podcast Festival. 

Chris and Graham immediately saw that there was a bigger story to be told. A story about the intensely personal connection in a new medium that brings the fans and the talent, or in this case podcaster, together in a way that’s never been done before. This is a story about the podcaster, but more importantly about the fans, and the relationships that build over time between these people they listen to on a daily basis.

Podcasting breaks down the barriers. There are no filters. No studio notes. No editing unless the podcaster wants to. Artist go directly to the fans, and the fans get to know the podcasters. Often learning intimate details of their lives. And this forms a bond and a connection that other media simply does not come close to.

The documentary will feature interviews of podcasting luminaries such as Doug Benson, Marc Maron, Aisha Tyler, Jimmy Pardo, and the creative minds behind Welcome to Night Vale, Jeffrey Cranor, and Joseph Fink. And many, many more. We’ll also we talking to the fans as well.

IFHTV Video Podcast

If you love the IFH Podcast and would love to see the conversation live then this show is for you. I’ll be releasing future IFH Podcast interviews first on IFHTV in video form. So you’ll be the first to listen to all my new guests and man do I have a heck of a line up this month.

  • Shooting American Horror Story with Michael Goi, A.S.C

  • What Show Runners Do and The Writers Room with Daniel Knauf

  • The Art of the Micro-Budget Film with Noam Kroll

  • Community Indie Filmmaking with Josh Doke

  • Shooting from the Heart at Sundance with Diane Bell

  • How to Become a Working Filmmaker with Zacuto’s Steve Weiss

Zacuto Live!

Zacuto Live is a weekly show covering subjects that are important to us as filmmakers and content creators. As always, we hope our programs will inspire and inform you. We’ll have some interview and educational episodes with incredible guest talent. And some shows that focus on gear tutorials and cameras. We’ll be bringing back shows like FilmFellas and Critics in this new Live format.

We’ll have DP’s, producers and directors discussing everything from new equipment to scriptwriting, budgeting, directing, producing, lighting, working with actors or anything you want! 

  • Exploring Modern Cinematography with Yuri Neyman ASC

  • Learn Special Effects Make-up with Mike Spatola from Cinema Make-Up School

  • How to Shoot on Your Shoulder with Your RED DSMC2 Camera

  • How to Make a Professional Live Show – Behind-the-Scenes

FilmFellas – Season 3: Social Networking – The Wild West

Social Networking – The Wild West features a diverse group of independent and web-based filmmakers: Anish Saviani (Wendy & Lucy, Alexander The Last), Edward Seaton (, Mike Michaud ( and host Steve Weiss. In this season, the Fellas boldly challenge the gold standard of “Hollywood” filmmaking and the traditional channels of a theatrical distribution. The roundtable discussions lead to a passionate debate on the acceptance of online video as a true medium, self-distribution and how a new genre of webisodic programming will eventually compete with network television.

The season wraps up with finding creative ways to grow an audience with personal-branding & community building, the emergence of online video networks (Hulu), monetizing video content and how engaging with fans directly is essential for the success of streaming films.

Hollywood Makeover – Season 1

The advent of digital photography, digital editing and digital platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, and online film festivals have opened up independent filmmaking to more people than at any previous time in history. 

No longer does a filmmaker need expensive 35mm stock, developing costs, high-end film cameras, and expensive editing systems. Feature films have been shot on iPhones and professional editing software can cost next to nothing, combined with a ready stream of available talent and prime filming locations, filmmaking as we once knew it has undergone a huge metamorphosis. 

However, the producers recognize – not everyone can afford to go to the top-end film schools in NYC, Chicago, and LA so like any new experience or career, young filmmakers/film lovers are looking for solid advice on how to take their dreams and put wings on them. 

Hollywood Makeover suits that unique niche of filmmaker/film lover with solid advice on everything from craft services to proper lighting. Boat Angel Family Films, the production company behind Hollywood Makeover, includes five of their award-winning independent films that serve as the backdrops giving concrete live examples of what to do and what not to do when you’re making an independent film.

The Directors’ Series: Christopher Nolan

THE DIRECTORS SERIES is an educational collection of video and text essays by filmmaker Cameron Beyl exploring the works of contemporary and classic film directors. 


Part 1: THE NON-LINEAR NEO-NOIRS is the first chapter of THE DIRECTORS SERIES’ examination into the films and careers of director Christopher Nolan, covering his pair of breakout independent neo-noirs:

MEMENTO (2000)


Part 2: THE BLOCKBUSTERS BEGIN is the second chapter of THE DIRECTORS SERIES’ examination into the films and careers of director Christopher Nolan, covering his trailblazing forays into big-budget studio filmmaking:



Part 3: THE COLOSSAL CORNERSTONES is the third chapter of THE DIRECTORS SERIES’ examination into the films and career of director Christopher Nolan, covering his zeitgeist-defining pair of complex blockbusters:



Part 4: THE APOCALYPTIC EPICS is the fourth chapter of THE DIRECTORS SERIES’ examination into the films and career of director Christopher Nolan, covering his pair of big-screen opuses with super-sized stakes:



Part 5: PRESENT TENSION is the fifth chapter of THE DIRECTORS SERIES’ examination into the films and career of director Christopher Nolan, covering his minimalist war opus, DUNKIRK (2017):

QUAY (2015)
DUNKIRK (2017)

Shhh! – Short Film

Two buddies go to the premiere of the latest slasher movie, but woe to anyone who talks during the film.

Directed by: Earl Martin

And that’s it for this month. In January we have a ton of new titles and courses lined up for you guys. Also, we’ll continue to do monthly release updates that will be released weekly throughout the month. That way you have something new to look forward to every month.

If you have or know of a feature, short or doc that is about filmmaking, screenwriting, acting, or content creating in any way please let me know. Just email me at [email protected].

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