Access hundreds of hours of online courses, workshops & seminars taught by some of the film industry's greatest minds. If you want to learn about screenwriting, directing actors, cameras and lenses, film distribution, or how to become a Filmtrepreneur, we have you covered. Film education, reinvented!

The Dialogue: Learn from the Screenwriting Masters

This is a groundbreaking interview series that goes behind the scenes of the fascinating craft of screenwriting. In these 70-90 minute in-depth discussions (over 37 hours in all), more than two-dozen of today's most successful screenwriters share their work habits, methods, and inspirations, secrets of the trade, business advice, and eye-opening stories from life in the trenches of the film industry. Each screenwriter discusses his or her filmography in great detail and breaks down the mechanics of one favorite scene from their produced work.

Storytelling Blueprint: The Hero's Two Journeys

Experience two of Hollywood’s most sought-after story experts, authors, and lecturers with Screenwriting and Story Secrets: The Hero’s Two Journeys. If you’re a screenwriter, novelist, filmmaker, game developer or storyteller in any arena, this course will empower you to captivate your readers and audiences to achieve both artistic AND commercial success. Modeling what works is the philosophy at the heart of this course.

Mastering the Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters with Karl Iglesias

In Mastering the Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters, bestselling author Karl Iglesias will guide students to identify and develop the key screenwriting habits of A-list screenwriters, like Ron Bass, Akiva Goldsman, Gerald DiPego, Eric Roth, Nicholas Kazan, Ed Solomon, Scott Rosenberg, and more. He'll offer an insider's view at how these pros discipline themselves, create original material, conquer the blank page, eliminate writer's block, network, pitch, and persevere in Hollywood. Modeling what works is the philosophy at the heart of this course.

WGA Presents: The Art of Screenwriting

These workshops have some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Dialogue and Description with Bruce Joel Rubin, Ed Solomon and Dana Stevens With Bruce Joel Rubin (Stuart Little 2, Deep Impact, Jacob's Ladder, Ghost), Ed Solomon (The In-Laws, Charlie's Angels, Men In Black) & Dana Stevens (For Love of the Game, City of Angels). These masters teach dialogue, character, theme, plot, structure and so much more.

Being True to Your Personal Story with UCLA's Richard Walter

Walter lectures on screenwriting and storytelling throughout North America and the world. He has written numerous feature assignments for the major studios and has sold material to all of the Big Three television networks. He has also written many informational, educational and corporate films, and is a 30-year member of the Writers Guild of America. Walter is also a court authorized expert in intellectual property law, in particular, plagiarism and copyright infringement. Join Walter in this video as he discusses his career and the importance of writing one's own personal story.

Tell the Internal Story Workshop - Jen Grisanti

In this workshop, Jen Grisanti, an international speaker, author and entertainment career coach, the writing instructor for NBC’s Writers On The Verge, and a former studio executive, including serving as VP of Current Programming at CBS/Paramount discusses how to use the internal story to supercharge your screenwriting.

Screenwriting Masterclass: Crafting Complex Characters

You can’t have a great plot without having amazing characters. Strong character development will evoke emotions in your audience whether you’re writing a comedy, drama, or any other genre. To create great characters, you need your audience to connect in some way. Even if you love your characters, there is no guarantee your reader will connect with them. If you want to elevate your scripts and stories – AND your screenwriting or filmmaking career-- to the highest possible level, this class is a must.


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