Help an Indie Filmmaker

How to Help an Indie Filmmaker (Without Giving Them Your Money)

You can assist with a click and a few keyboard taps rather than reaching into your wallet.

Pity the fool who comes from a creative family or is surrounded by crafty friends. That person is likely being deluged with “fund my [fill in the blank]” requests from Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Seed & Spark to simply a lazy “donate” button on a web page.

I get it. I’m one of those peeps. I have tried to shill my indie comics at work (horror gore which got me more nervous looks than sales) and ran my fair of crowd-sourcing campaigns.

And now that my film is finished, I’m still bugging people to watch it on Amazon while my next fund raiser is incubating in my head.

Want to make me go away without spending a Somali schilling? Here’s how:

Crowd-Funders squirrelling for a nut.

  • Like their film page on Facebook (if they have one).
  • Share the post on your Facebook page (if you’re over forty).
  • Share the post on Snapchat (if you’re a Millennial).
  • Tweet it out on Twitter.
  • Take a pic of the campaign page on Instagram.
  • BOOM! Done.

Filmmakers with a finished product.

On Amazon and other digital platforms

  • Watch it, rate it, review it and share the link


  • Watch it, rate it, review it, “like it” and share the link

On Social Media

  • Like their Facebook page
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Like their posts
  • Share their posts

Oh, and (sheepishly) if you do happen to find any spare coins in the couch cushions would you mind tossing them into my “dream” jar? I’m not asking, I’m just sayin’ …

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About the Author: Bob Heske is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, graphic novelist and indie comic creator. By day he churns out compliance marketing content for financial services; by night he is maniacal at his keyboard – creating characters and dramatic conflicts far more interesting than he is. Bob is currently working on an experimental documentary called Afraid of Nothing (you can help support it by clicking here). You can watch his first film BLESSID on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand. Blessid is directed by Rob Fitz and stars Rachel Kerb and Rick Montgomery Jr.

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