Need Help Getting Your Indie Film Funded, Finished and Distributed?

After working in the IFH labs for the first part of 2021 I can finally announce what it is. May I introduce Indie Film Hustle’s FILMMAKER PROCESS.

Filmmaker Process offers comprehensive professional services for hire to help filmmakers and screenwriters, working at any budget level, get their film project to the finish line. I wanted to put the much-needed services filmmakers need but rarely have access to all under one roof. You usually could only get access to these services if they “knew someone.”

Here are the services and products Filmmaker Process gives you access to:

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Action Items:


Alex Ferrari 0:06

Well, guys, after months and months of working in the lab, I have finally finished that big project I was talking to you about, I wanted to give you this little quick bonus episode to explain to you what the new project is it is called filmmaker, process and filmmaker process, our services for hire, to get your film projects funded, finished, and distributed. Now I wanted to put together a place where you would be able to get services and resources that normally filmmakers would need to know somebody or know some guy who knew some guy who would ever be able to do these things for them. But there was no real place anywhere online to had everything under one roof. So it was very easy for filmmakers to get these services done.

And some of the professional services we are offering our pitch deck creation, creating a budget and schedule for your projects, international sales estimates, legal contracts and form templates for your productions, and indie film investor package, consulting, script coverage, post production services, trailer editing, poster design, VOD designed and DVD and blu ray, artwork, design, film deliverables, both physical deliverables, and legal paperwork, to deliverables, and even production payroll.

Now let's break down each of these services a little bit so you have a better understanding of what they are. Now, if you need to create a pitch deck, which is a visual representation of your project to pitch to investors, to studios, to producers, we can create that for you budget and scheduling when I was pitching projects about a decade ago, it used to cost me like four or $5,000 to get a professional budget and schedule done. So you can actually show an investor or show a producer what these projects are the what the project is actually going to cost and how long it's going to take to shoot super, super valuable and we did it at a very, very affordable cost.

Another service is domestic and international sales estimates. These are estimates that will tell you what your film is worth in the current marketplace, domestic and international, based on genre based on story based on cast. So you really have a clear idea in the pre production process, what your film is going to be worth or in the finishing process.

So your finishes your movies done. And now you can go out there get sales estimates to see what your movies really worth before you take it out into the marketplace. And you can use those sales estimates to leverage better deals with distributors out there, another service legal contracts and forms. I wanted to create a slew of packages for legal contracts that filmmakers can just download and have an attorney update. And these contracts have been used on projects from half a million dollars to $25 million. These are no joke agreements, they cost approximately $25,000. And you're going to get that at a fraction of the cost to create all of these contracts and agreements that you can give to an attorney to start the process. It'll be a lot more affordable than having an entertainment attorney draft up brand new contracts. We also have the indie film investor package, which includes pitch decks budget schedule and sales estimates. All in one for a special price.

We have consulting if you want to have me consult you or walk you through any aspect of the production or post production process or distribution process or just basic career coaching. We offer consulting as well. Script coverage through bulletproof script coverage is there as well. And we now offer television pilots and short film script coverage. We also offer post production services, anything you need. in post production. We have you covered from color grading visual effects, sound design, getting everything ready, we can do that for you. Another one I'm really excited about is trailer editing where we created packages, so any independent filmmaker create professional trailers for their projects at an affordable price. Same thing goes for poster design. s VOD, a VOD t VOD thumbnail design, as well as DVD cover artwork.

And blu ray cover artwork as well. Another very huge, huge, huge, huge service that so many filmmakers have asked me over the years where they can go, how can they get some guidance and so on is film deliverables, getting not only your physical deliverables ready for distribution for self distribution to S bar or a VA t VOD, any of those things, you still need to have filmed deliverables created for you unless you can do them yourself. But getting those all done physically, and also getting the legal paperwork done having someone get all the contracts, chain of title, everything you need to deliver to a Netflix, to a Hulu, to a to b to iTunes, and so on or to a distributor, or international sales agent. And we offer those services.

And if you need payroll production payroll, we also have you covered, we partnered with one of the leading payroll services, abs to be able to help you guys out with that, guys, I have not been this excited about something in a long time I want I've been working on this for months, with our partners trying to put this whole thing together to bring these services all under one roof, to the tribe and to filmmakers around the world to give you guys access to professional services that you normally just don't have access to. A

nd I hope that the filmmaker process can really help all of your productions at whatever stage you're at, to get to the finish line. So if you want to get more information about this, head over to www dot filmmaker And in each section, you will have a small educational video explaining what each service is, how to use it, where you can put it in your production, or post production or distribution workflow. So I'm super excited about this guy. Please share this with as many filmmakers as you can filmmaker process comm I really want this to help as many filmmakers around the world as possible. And this is also for screenwriters. If you're a screenwriter, and you want to be able to pitch your screenplay, and really kind of package it more than just having a screenplay to send to a producer.

If you have a pitch deck budget schedule, international sales estimates, you put that all together to pitch to a producer, or possibly even investors, you are going to be in the top 1% of screenplays written in the world because everybody's got a screenplay. But not everybody has a screenplay with pitch decks with a budget or schedule. And with sales estimates to really understand the business side of what it is that we're trying to do with a screenplay. So screenwriters can use this as well. Once again, if you want to get information about this, head over to filmmaker Thank you guys so much. I hope he'll make a process that helps you guys get your films funded, finished and distributed. I'll talk to you soon.

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