Getting into Film Festivals Can Be Rough



Getting into film festivals is getting tougher and tougher every day. Indie filmmakers can end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars submitting to every film festival around, and there are a ton. At last count, they're over 3000 film festivals around the world. That’s a lot of submission fees. 


I wanted to create a resource for indie filmmakers where I can share my experience submitting, attending and marketing with film festivals. Over the years my films have been accepted to over 600 international film festivals. I teamed with the authority on film festivals, Chris Holland, author of Film Festival Secrets.


Together we created the Film Festival Hacks Podcast to give you both perspectives on film festivals, the filmmaker, and the festival. Take a listen below to the episodes. Happy Submitting!


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Learn From Both Sides of the Badge



Can't get your indie film into film festivals? Are you tired of spending TONS OF CASH, you don't have, on submission fees? Want to get the inside secrets to give your film the best chance of being accepted to film festivals?


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Kerri Long

Edmonton International Film Festival

"As Festival Producer with the Edmonton International Film Festival (EIFF) in Canada for nearly 15 years, I have experienced a whole lotta misinformation about what film festivals do . . .  To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this course . . . [but] from the first segment, I was hooked."

Join more than 1000 students who have learned how to "hack the system" with Film Festival Hacks.


You will be taught from "both sides of the badge." I bring the festival programmer's perspective, of course, but my co-instructor for this course, Alex Ferrari, is an award winning filmmaker with almost 600 international film festivals under his belt. He'll show you tricks and techniques on how he got his features and short films accepted while paying as little as possible to submit.


Join more than 1000 students who have learned how to "Hack the System" with Film Festival Hacks.

Access hundreds of hours of online courses, workshops & seminars taught by some of the film industry's greatest minds.



Taught by veteran award-winning film producer and author Suzanne Lyons. The filmmaker behind over a dozen profitable low-budget feature films.