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How to Write a Screenplay FAST with Jeff Bollow

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a screenplay fast? I know I do. This is why I invited on the show award-winning producer/director, best-selling author, film festival organizer and public speaker, Jeff Bollow.

He is the author of Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning SpeedJeff Bollow began as an actor at age 12 in his native Los Angeles (credits include Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and TV’s Columbo) before working nearly every job in production, from camera to sound to lighting — and including jobs in development, post-production, and distribution.

Jeff has worked on feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, radio, and corporate productions for companies such as Universal, Castle Rock, Propaganda Films, DNA and the Oxygen Network.

After migrating to New Zealand, where he directed television for TV3 and co-founded the Big Mountain Short Film Festival, he moved to Australia, where he launched Embryo Films. Through his company, Jeff has reviewed over 20,000 project submissions and has edited, assessed and/or mentored over 350 projects. He has script doctored in Singapore, Australia, NZ, and the US; and has conducted over 80 live weekend workshops to over 1200 writers in 9 cities in 5 countries, with a unanimous “recommend” approval rating.

His students have been optioned, produced and won (and placed) in competitions worldwide. He designed FAST Screenplay in 2004 and began officially building it in November 2009. It was finally completed in July 2016, nearly 7 years later. Alongside it, he created the FASTscreenplay YouTube Channel, which now includes over 30 detailed and insightful free videos to encourage writers and screenwriters around the world.

In May 2015, Jeff Bollow delivered his first TED Talk, “Expand Your Imagination… Exponentially” (see video below) at TEDxDocklands in Melbourne, Australia, to prepare for the next phase of the larger plan. Jeff’s aim is to build an independent film studio that inspires creativity worldwide, to help prepare humanity for the dramatic changes our future holds. When he’s not busy helping writers with FAST Screenplay, he is working on a new book, developing a television series, and planning two feature film projects.

I’ve added below Jeff Bollow’s TEDTalk and a series of amazing videos on screenwriting. Enjoy!

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Bulletproof Screenplay Script Coverage Service
Get Your Screenplay Covered by Industry Pros

Expand Your Imagination Exponentially | Jeff Bollow | TEDTalk

Technology is advancing at an exponential pace. In this passionate talk, Jeff suggests that to survive the disruptive changes ahead, we need to expand our imagination exponentially, too. But how? By understanding the true purpose of ideas.

Jeff Bollow guides writers, businesses and individuals around the world through the complete creative process, to expand their output and tap into their own unique voice. Jeff Bollow is a thirty-year film industry veteran — an award-winning producer/director, bestselling author of “Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed” and creator of FAST Screenplay, the world’s most comprehensive step-by-step screenwriting system. His goal is to build an independent film studio to make a quality film and television that ignites our global imagination and prepares us for a future we can’t predict.

The 3 Fundamental Problems of Screenplay Development

There are 3 fundamental problems of screenplay development — they confront ALL writers and producers EVERY time, and any approach to screenwriting that doesn’t directly address them will have you spinning in circles. In the empowering and insightful video, writer/producer Jeff Bollow pulls back the curtain on screenwriting to reveal why most screenwriters will never succeed (and what you can do to change that). 99% of screenplays submitted to production companies fail to meet producers’ needs. Discover WHY… and then learn Jeff’s solution for tackling all three problems.

The HIDDEN Story Dynamic — (FAST Story Development, Part 1)

IN THIS FREE SERIES: You’ll learn the FAST Story Development process, and how to create detailed, original stories in as little as 1 hour. IN THIS EPISODE: You’ll meet the hidden mechanism that’s underneath every aspect of every project you ever create. It’s a simple secret to extraordinary stories.

We’ll look at the Hollywood story formula — in detail — as well as the PROBLEM with that formula, which makes it the WRONG choice to use in a huge number of story ideas. So we’ll then dig a bit deeper, and look at the underlying dynamic that makes the formula work (when it does), and how to USE that dynamic to create entirely new stories no audience has ever seen before.

Plus, you’ll see why this dynamic applies to more than just story structure — it applies to absolutely EVERY aspect of every project you ever create. We’ll look at 6 specific ways to apply it, and how you can zoom IN to use it as an analysis tool (to find the weakness in your story), and zoom OUT to use it as a creativity tool.

How to GROW Stories Organically — (FAST Story Development, Part 2)

IN THIS EPISODE: You’ll discover a simple and effortless way to develop stories, by USING the hidden story dynamic from Part 1 as a story DEVELOPMENT tool. You’ll explore what stories actually ARE, the principles that make them work, and how to invert the typical story development process to create material that says exactly what you want to say. We’ll go in detail through the 3 “movements” of story development and walk you through the organic process.

Every story conveys meaning to an audience, whether it’s intended or not. And this breakthrough insight, combined with the hidden story dynamic we covered in Part 1, reveals a powerful new way to think about stories and story development. Once you master the simple process, developing extraordinary original stories becomes automatic and second nature.

The SECRET to RAPID Story Development — (FAST Story Development, Part 3)

IN THIS EPISODE: Now that you have the organic story development process, you’ll see the simple secret to flying through it in about an hour. You’ll discover 2 specific things you can do BEFORE you begin developing your story that prepares your imagination for maximum effectiveness, plus the 1 ultimate action that snaps it together to take your work and creativity to a whole new level. And of course, you’ll understand the WHY behind all of it.

Most would-be writers make simple fundamental mistakes that slow down the creative process and gradually inhibit their imagination. After this episode, you’ll know exactly how to avoid those mistakes, and you’ll see the creative process itself in a whole new light. You might want to watch this one twice!

Why SPEED is the Key to Success — (FAST Story Development, Part 4)

IN THE FINAL EPISODE: You’ll tie it all together and understand WHY speed is the key to creating powerful ORIGINAL stories… and why it’s a requirement for a professional writing career. You’ll learn the 6 primary ways speed empowers you, and the 4 Stages of Competence every human being MUST go through to master any craft. Lastly, you’ll see the entire creative process in the overview, and be ready to leap in immediately.

Creativity begins in your brain, and your brain moves very quickly — absorbing, interpreting and incorporating the sights, sounds, and experiences of your life. Discover how speed helps your brain crystallize and utilize your imagination, and how it brings you to creative mastery.



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