David Fincher’s Custom RED Xenomorph Camera

It must be nice to be David Fincher. When you have one of the leading camera companies in the world, RED Camera, designs you a custom RED Camera you are now in Stanley Kubrick territory. David Fincher has been on the RED Camera train for a while. As a thank you, RED produced a one of a kind RED Xenomorph Camera for Mr. Fincher for his new Netflix show Mindhunters.

RED Xenomorph

Photo via Chris Probst



According to Phil Holland over at REDuser.net (the best place for all things RED) the specs of this beast are:

– RED Weapon Dragon 6K Sensor Technology
– 7.0″ LCD Touch
– Paralinx wireless video
– extended WiFi/Foolcontrol antenna array
– RT Motion Lens Motor Control
– Zaxcom wireless audio and timecode
– Anton Bauer Gold Mount
– Shoulder Mount
– Integrated DSMC2
– and a couple other sneaky things
– Xenomorph inspired brain design

And no this will not be available for sale EVER! Unless your name is David Fincher you’ll have to shoot with just a regular old RED Weapon, which isn’t that bad.

RED Xenomorph

Photo via Chris Probst


RED Xenomorph

Photo via Jarred’s Facebook

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