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10 Tips to Cure “What is Itis” in Filmmaking

What is Itis, Suzanne Lyons

Inside the Producer’s Corner with Suzanne Lyons This is a series of articles that film producer and best-selling author Suzanne Lyons (listen to her interview here) will be writing over the next 6 months. I personally asked Suzanne to share her knowledge, experience, and motivation with you the IFH Tribe. Whether you are a director,…

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IFH 195: Top 10 Tips for Low Budget Filmmakers

Low Budget Filmmakers

Top 10 Tips for Low budget Filmmakers Making an indie film can be rough, especially for beginners. Many times filmmakers go off halfcocked and jump into making a film without really thinking it all through. Here are a few tips that will help you on you filmmaking journey. CHOOSE THE RIGHT SCRIPT Look for character-driven…

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Barry Lyndon: Breaking Down Stanley Kubrick’s Masterpiece

BARRY LYNDON, A Clockwork Orange, Clockwork Orange, Day of the Fight, Eyes Wide Shut, fear and desire, filmmaking, Flying Padre, Full Metal Jacket, indie film, indie film hustle, lenses, Lolita, Nicole Kidman, short film, short films, Stanley Kubrick, The Killing, the shining analysis, The Shinning, Tom Cruise, Ryan O'Neal

Barry Lyndon: Breaking Down Stanley Kubrick’s Masterpiece In the history of dramatic films, Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon gets a beautiful ranking. It won a total of four Oscars under the production category. It is a film that is based on a novel written by William Makepeace Thackeray: ‘The Luck of Barry Lyndon,’ in 1844. The…

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Costume Design: The Hidden Art Form of Cinema

Costume Design, Costume Designer

Costume Design: The Hidden Art Form of Cinema There is a lot that can be said about a character in a movie by what they wear. The costume of a character alone can give you a hint about the period the film was set (in the 50s, 60s, 90s, or 2000s), the profession of the character…

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How to Make Robert Rodriguez’s Guacamole Gun

GUACAMOLE GUN, Robert Rodriguez

The first time I ever heard of the “Guacamole Gun” was watching Robert Rodriguez’s 10 minute film school on DVD for the third part of his El Mariachi series “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” (he developed it first in his and Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn) Robert talked up the Guacamole Gun something fierce, saying: “The Guacamole Gun…

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3 Stereotypes to Avoid Becoming On a Film Set

STEREOTYPES, Film set, film crew

3 Stereotypes to Avoid Becoming On a Film Set Often the biggest problem stopping new or inexperienced crew continuing to get work is their attitude. Sometimes it is the fact that they just can’t fulfill the job, but most of the time it all boils down to their attitude and how they approach the tasks.…

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What is Color Science – Let Pixar Teach You!

Color Science, Color Psychology, Pixar in a Box, Pixar Animation Studios, Khan University,

What is Color Science & Psychology – Let Pixar Teach You! So not only did Pixar Animation Studios create a FREE only course teaching their storytelling secrets (click here for that gem), they also decide to teach us a bit about Color Science and it’s importance in filmmaking. They teamed up with Khan Acadamy to…

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10 Tips To Negotiate Your Rate Like A Pro

Negotiate, Negotiation, day rate, film rate, salary

10 Tips To Negotiate Your Rate Like A Pro Learning how to negotiate is a learned skill for most. It is nerve wracking and awkward, but necessary in the industry. For every job you will have some kind of negotiation over pay rate and conditions. Negotiation for a job takes place with the Unit Production…

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IFH 142: Lessons Learned from Running Indie Film Hustle


Lessons Learned from Running Indie Film Hustle I wanted to put together this episode to share with the IFH Tribe the amazing lessons I’ve learned over the past year and a half running both and the IFH Podcast. I wanted to show you how these lessons can be applied to your filmmaking or screenwriting…

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