10 Tips to Getting a Filmmaking or Screenwriting Mentor

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Inside the Producer’s Corner with Suzanne Lyons This is a series of articles that film producer and best selling author Suzanne Lyons (listen to her interview here) will be writing over the next 6 months. I personally asked Suzanne to share her knowledge, experience, and motivation with you the IFH Tribe. Whether you are a…

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8 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Feature Film

first feature film, BLESSID, Bob Hekse, Making your first film, first feature film, filmmaking, indie film, filmmaker, Alex Ferrari, Numb Robot

8 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Feature Film Filmmaking you say? Making your first feature film? But I only have one feature (Blessid) under my belt and one other in development. Who am I to give you advice? Correction: I am not giving you advice. For that go to someplace with decades of…

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Is the Hollywood Crash Coming?

Is the Hollywood Crash, Hollywood implosion, film trooper, steven spielberg

The Hollywood Crash Is Coming Soon…?? Is Hollywood about to crash? The eye of the storm of this crash could be movie theaters. People’s buying and viewing habits have changed dramatically over the last decade. The public generally doesn’t buy a full album to listen to a hot single anymore instead, they stream their favorite…

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Download FREE Storyboard Template + Tutorials

Storyboard Template, Storyboard Templates, Storyboard Tutorial

Download FREE Storyboard Template + Tutorials The movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is one replete with actions, blood, and gore. It tells a story of how a vicious and tyrannical leader Immortal Joe is relieved of his secret harem containing five beautiful princesses. Check out this brilliant video by Mr Nerdista. These princesses were kidnapped as…

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How to Attach a Movie Star to Your Indie Film

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How to Attach a Movie Star to Your Indie Film So you have a screenplay or film idea that could definitely be financed and produced only if I could get a movie star attached and there’s the rub! Attaching a movie star at any level to a un-produced screenplay or indie film is the dream…

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Top 50 Filmmaking Quotes to Inspire

Top 50 Filmmaking Quotes to Inspire Anyone who has ever listen to the IFH Podcasts know that I start off ever episode with a filmmaking quote. I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite filmmaking quotes from some of the master of the medium. Without further ado enjoy the inspiration. Pick…

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5 Shooting Schedule Hacks That Can Save You Money

Shooting Schedule, Film Schedule, Studiobinder, Film Production Management Software, first assistant director. 1st AD, first ad

5 Shooting Schedule Hacks That Can Save You Money Making movies ain’t cheap. From actors to film crews to big explosions, everything appears on your budget. Sure, you can get an idea of it, after breaking down your script. But poor scheduling can bleed your production if you’re not optimizing locations, cast and crew time,…

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How to Shoot a Micro Budget Feature Like Ed Burns

Micro Budget Feature, Ed Burns, Long Island Love Story

How to Shoot a Micro-Budget Feature Like Ed Burns All my life I wanted to make movies. I studied films after school since I was twelve. I would go down the line of actors and directors filmography. I went to film school to learn the basics of filmmaking. Last year with a lot of hard…

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