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Marketing Star Wars: 5 Secrets Indie Filmmakers Can Learn

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Marketing Star Wars: 5 Secrets Indie Filmmakers Can Learn Star Wars grapes? Seriously? I always thought that George Lucas and LucasFilm did an amazing job marketing the Star Wars franchise. Do any of you remember the Pepsi can collection from the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? But the publicity campaign I’ve seen for the latest…

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Indie Film Marketing: How to Design a Website for your Film

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Creating an Image for Your Project: Design a Website! Most filmmakers and artist do not even think about marketing or distribution when creating a new project. This is where many projects fail. The first line of defense in creating a brand or image around your project is YOUR WEBSITE. Now how do you Design a Website? Designing a…

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IFH 197: Sundance Wants to Help You Distribute Your Indie Film with the Creative Distribution Fellowship

Sundance Creative Distribution Fellowship

Sundance Wants to Help You Distribute Your Indie Film…Really! Yup that’s right the Sundance Institute wants to help you distribute your film. Liz Manashil (listen to her interview here), the manager of the Sundance Creative Distribution Fellowship reached out to me to get the word out on the fellowship. It turns out that, believe or not, they…

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This is What Scares the HELL Out of the Studio System – IFH TV

studio system

This is What Scares the HELL Out of the Studio System – IFH TV I recently did a killer interview on The Ground Up Podcast with filmmaker Matt D’Avella. We talked about everything under the sun. Filmmaking, self-distribution, the state of the film business, and much more.  Watch the excerpt or read the transcript below.…

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10 Tips To Closing the Deal in the Film Business

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Inside the Producer’s Corner with Suzanne Lyons This is a series of articles that film producer and best-selling author Suzanne Lyons (listen to her interview here) will be writing over the next 6 months. I personally asked Suzanne to share her knowledge, experience, and motivation with you the IFH Tribe. Whether you are a director,…

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IFH 188: Making a Micro Budget Film That Cracks iTunes’s Top 3 with Julian Galea

LOVE TO PARADISE, Julian Galea, Malta, Myko Olivier, Marysia S. Peres

Making a Micro Budget Film That Cracks iTunes’s Top 3 with Julian Galea Today on the show we have writer/cinematographer/director Julian Galea. He directed a micro-budget film called Love to Paradise. Set in the magical Mediterranean islands of Malta, this indie travel romance proves it’s not love until it’s paradise. When American tourist Giovanni falls for local…

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How to Make a Feature Film for Less Than Minimum Wage

How to Make a Feature Film

How to Make a Feature Film for Less Than Minimum Wage The journey of our feature film “Before The Dark” begins with a phone call from my good friend Benny Oliveri, Benny and I met at Film School and had stayed in touch ever since. A few years after Film School we both found ourselves…

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IFH 177: Why Facebook Watch is a Game Changer for Indie Filmmakers

Facebook watch, Apple TV, Amazon Video Direct, YouTube

Why Facebook Watch is a Game Changer for Indie Filmmakers The online video landscape is changing on a daily basis. The newest gladiator to step into the ring is Facebook. Facebook is launching Facebook Watch, a new “show tab” that will host original shows produced exclusively for Facebook. Considering that Facebook has 1.32 Billion people who come…

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