How Bad Do You Want Your Filmmaking Dream?, filmmaking dreams how bad do you want it

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How Bad Do You Want Your Screenwriting Dream?

What are you willing to sacrifice to make your filmmaking dream come true? How bad do you want it? These are the questions I’ll be discussing in today’s episode. If you are looking for something to get you revved up look no further. This is my “tough love” episode. I keep running into filmmakers and people in the business who just like to talk or hide behind excuses. I have two things to say about that.

  • Life doesn’t care about excuses.
  • The film business doesn’t care about your circumstances.

There are 24 hours in a day. I breakdown 24 hours and I promise you will find out that you have, at least, 4-6 hours a day to dedicate to your craft and dream. Yes, even for those who have a 2-hour commute, work 8 hours and have a family. The power to make your dream to become a reality is only in your hands. No one else’s! I really hope this episode lights that fire in your belly to make your dream come true.

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1 Comment

  1. Janelle Perusi on February 13, 2019 at 6:34 am

    Hey Alex! I’m a long time listener to all of your shows. Always enjoy them, you certainly have a gift. I’m a 32 yr old female indie filmmaker who is married to a musician, just moved from LA to the Midwest, with a 3 yr old and one on the way. I just listened to this episode and wanted to add a few things from someone like me to others out there with similar lives. First of all, I think it would serve your listeners well to do an episode on the struggles that WOMEN with kids have, especially if they are single mothers or like me, their husbands travel for work. (As I’m typing this, my daughter is putting stickers on me and my husband is in the UK) I just want to encourage women out there like me to just keep going. It will take you longer because you CANNOT sacrifice your children on the altar of film, but you can give up watching The Bachelor and instead working on that screenplay after bedtime. I would also like to encourage you to not ONLY educate yourself…but JUST DO IT! Don’t be afraid of making crap. Stop also using education as a crutch to think you are learning filmmaking…it’s only about 25% of what you need to learn. You really learn and retain by DOING it. Example: I needed to learn 3- point lighting for an interview I’m hired to shoot this month. Instead of looking at more diagrams or videos, I used my window, bounce and cell phone flashlight and set it up in my living room. My daughter thought it was so cool. It wasn’t perfect, but I feel confident that I UNDERSTAND it now, because I’ve DONE it at my own pace. See, there really are no excuses, let your kids in on the work if you must. It’s good for them too. To drive it home, the best advice a working Hollywood director gave me was…”No matter what, never stop making stuff. Even if it’s bad, never stop making stuff.”

    Great podcast Alex, keep it up!
    – JP