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David Fincher’s Custom RED Xenomorph Camera

David Fincher’s Custom RED Xenomorph Camera It must be nice to be David Fincher. When you have one of the leading camera companies in the world, RED Camera, designs you a custom RED Camera you are now in Stanley Kubrick territory. David Fincher has been on the RED Camera train for a while. As a thank…

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What is a MacGuffin? Alfred Hitchcock Explains

MacGuffin, McGuffin, Alfred Hitchcock

What is a MacGuffin? Many of you might have heard of the term “MacGuffin” floating out there in the ether, but what the is it? The answer is not that straightforward. Legendary director coined the phrase back in the days of his film and used it throughout his career. When asked what a MacGuffin was…

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Watch: Stanley Kubrick’s Favorite Cameras & Lenses

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Stanley Kubrick’s Favorite Cameras & Lenses I’ve always been fascinated with how some of the filmmaking masters got their start. How did they break into the business? What gear did they use on their first films? What events shaped them in the early days? As many of you know I have a love for Stanley…

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