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Joe Swanberg: How to Shoot & Sell Six Feature Films in a Year!

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Joe Swanberg: How to Shoot & Sell Six Feature Films in a Year! If you want to be an indie filmmaker you should definitely study the work of the prolific film director Joe Swanberg. Who is Joe Swanberg you ask? I just recently not only discovered his work but also started to study his unique filmmaking process. I…

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IFH 345: Distribber Bankrupt? How to Protect Yourself

Distribber Bankrupt? How to Protect Yourself In this episode, I update filmmakers on the emergency situation going on with the film aggregator Distribber. In last weeks episode, I spoke a bit about what is going on with this company. After that show I kept getting emails, messages, and tweets of filmmakers telling me their horror…

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Breaking Bad Pilot: How to Write the Perfect TV Pilot

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Breaking Bad Pilot: How to Write the Perfect TV Pilot In my opinion, the Breaking Bad pilot is by far is as perfect as a television show as has ever been produced. The genius behind Walter White’s adventures into dealing meth is creator Vince Gillian. After watching the pilot episode of Breaking Bad I was hooked. Years later I…

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THROWBACK FRIDAY: How to Make 250K Indie Film Look Like $25 Million Blockbuster with Gaelan Connell

Please note: Throwback Fridays are archival episodes from the Indie Film Hustle Podcast. After many requests from the IFH Tribe to bring back some of the show’s best episodes, I decided to create Throwback Fridays. These episodes will not be posted every week but at least twice a month…if not more. There are so much amazing info and knowledge…

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BPS 052: Story$elling Your Screenplay with Heather Hale

Story$elling Your Screenplay with Heather Hale Today on the show we have returning champion Heather Hale.  Heather Hale’s new book Story Selling: How to Develop, Market, and Pitch Your Film & TV Projects helps you get your stories out of your head and onto the worldwide stage. From the inspiration and conception of all kinds of…

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Troy Duffy: A Cautionary Hollywood Tale – Boondock Saints

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Troy Duffy: A Cautionary Hollywood Tale – Boondock Saints I’m always looking for success stories in the film business to study and analyze. Robert Rodriguez and El Mariachi, Kevin Smith and Clerks, and Oren Peli Paranormal Activity come to mind. A name you might not have heard of is Troy Duffy. Studying filmmaking success stories is…

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