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10 Tips to Getting a Filmmaking or Screenwriting Mentor

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Inside the Producer’s Corner with Suzanne Lyons This is a series of articles that film producer and best selling author Suzanne Lyons (listen to her interview here) will be writing over the next 6 months. I personally asked Suzanne to share her knowledge, experience, and motivation with you the IFH Tribe. Whether you are a…

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IFH TV: My 2003 Project Greenlight Submission Tape

audition tape, Ben Affleck, Chris Moore, Matt Damon, Project Greenlight, Project Greenlight Season 2, submission tape, The Battle of Shaker Heights

My 2003 Project Greenlight Submission Tape It’s the summer of 2003 and the second season of the filmmaking reality show, Project Greenlight, is taking submissions from directors and screenwriters. Before Batman and Jason Bourne, there was Project Greenlight, the brainchild of Oscar Winners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. I had just a few student short…

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IFH 181: Trailer Editing Techniques to Cut a Badass Movie Trailer

Trailer Editing Techniques, Movie Trailer, editing pro, film editing pro,

Trailer Editing Techniques to Cut a Badass Movie Trailer I’ve probably edited over 500 movie trailers, network promos, and commercials in my career. So many indie filmmakers and feature film editors think they can just throw together a trailer for their feature film and make it work. Over the years, I’ve shared my Trailer Editing Techniques…

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IFH 179: Oscar-Winner Russell Carpenter ASC – Shooting Blockbusters, Titanic & James Cameron

Russell Carpenter ASC, Russell Carpenter A.S.C., Russell Carpenter, James Cameron, Titanic, Ant-Man,  xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Charlie's Angels, The Negotiator, True Lies, Monster-in-Law, Hard Target, The Perfect Weapon, Death Warrant

Oscar-Winner Russell Carpenter ASC – Shooting Blockbusters, Titanic & James Cameron I can’t tell you how excited I am about today’s guest. I sat down with the legendary and Oscar® Winning Cinematographer Russell Carpenter ASC. Russell has been shooting blockbusters for over 40 years and has shot films like Ant-Man,  xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Charlie’s Angels, The Negotiator,…

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The Ultimate Anamorphic Lens Test – 40 Lenses, 500+ Tests

Anamorphic Lens, Duclos lenses, Matthew Duclos, Brent Barbano, Sharegrid, Old Fast Glass, Anamorphic Lens test

The Ultimate Anamorphic Lens Test Those nutty lens geeks are back. After creating the most comprehensive Vintage Lens Test ever they decide to create the most comprehensive Anamorphic Lens test ever. The Anamorphic Lens Library presented by friends of the show Brent Barbano,  Matthew Duclos,  Old Fast Glass and ShareGrid. This amazing resource includes over 40 lenses, 13…

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IFH 177: Why Facebook Watch is a Game Changer for Indie Filmmakers

Facebook watch, Apple TV, Amazon Video Direct, YouTube

Why Facebook Watch is a Game Changer for Indie Filmmakers The online video landscape is changing on a daily basis. The newest gladiator to step into the ring is Facebook. Facebook is launching Facebook Watch, a new “show tab” that will host original shows produced exclusively for Facebook. Considering that Facebook has 1.32 Billion people who come…

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Final Cut Pro 7 is Officially DEAD!

Final Cut Pro 7

Final Cut Pro 7 is Officially DEAD! It finally has happened, Final Cut Pro 7 is officially dead. Apple announced that FCP 7 will not be supported the latest MAC OS upgrade High Sierra. I was a long time hold out and was editing and finishing for clients on Final Cut Pro 7 as recently as last…

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