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How to Attach a Movie Star to Your Indie Film

So you have a screenplay or film idea that could definitely be financed and produced only if I could get a movie star attached and there’s the rub! Attaching a movie star at any level to a un-produced screenplay or indie film is the dream of many filmmakers, but how do you do it?

Paul Castro (writer of August Rush starring the late Robin Williams) goes over the many ways he has found to attach major talent to your projects. Nothing green lights a film faster than attaching a movie star to it.

In our past interview, How to Writer the Million Dollar Screenplay, Paul discusses how getting Robin Williams interested in August Rush fast tracked the film into production.

In the video below Paul goes over practical techniques on how he has been able to attach movie stars to film projects.

This video was taken from the Million Dollar Business of Screenwriting course. Click below to watch more videos from this game changing online course. Here some info on the course:

Screenwriters & Filmmakers are creative, but not all understand how art and commerce merge to create wealth and a lasting career. The Million Dollar Business of Screenwriting unveils the intricate maze of the business of the entertainment industry biz-ness. Go a want-to-be to a fine-tuned professional making a healthy living while sharing your creative genius with the world.

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