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What You Didn’t Know About the “Legendary” Apple Box

Just like other must-have items that need to be carried around while you’re on set, an Apple box are essential tools that serve many purposes on a shoot. You may think it only helps in adding a little height to your camera or in reducing the load in between setups, but there is a little bit more to its functions than you know.

Sizes of Apple Boxes

Some users refer to an apple box as Tom Cruise. This is because of his height and the brief nature of Apple boxes. Apple boxes come in different sizes and dimensions. You can either get the full set, or you can get the particular one you need. The following are the available sizes:

  • Apple Box Full: 20”x12”x8.”
  • Apple Box Half: 20”x12”x4.”
  • Apple Box Quarter:20”x12”x2.”
  • Apple Box Pancake: 20”x12”x1.”

Video by: CinemaGadgets

Positions of Apple Boxes

Apple box positions are relative to the nature of different productions. Positions like “first floor,” “second floor” and “third floor” are available. Many researchers have made different graphics to help others remember the names of the positions. For example, Evan Luzi from the Blue and Black made a very facilitative graphic that makes other producers remember the different names of the positions mentioned in Morgan’s video.

Uses for an Apple Box

  • Though there are just a few conventional ways to utilize apple boxes, they can be used for just about anything. You just have to be creative and capable of innovations as an individual. How Apple Boxes can be utilized are as follows:
  • Apple boxes add height to the actors playing a character in a film. They are used to adjust the heights of the actors, the camera, and the props.
  • They are used to give a firm support and grip to most of the equipment being used on set.
  • An Apple box can be used to make a dolly. Sometimes, it gets difficult to level a camera when it is placed inside a grocery cart dolly.
  • An Apple box can serve as seats that producers can sit on while either filming or otherwise.
  • They can be used as a step to reach higher objects. Most times, the person filming can step on them to achieve a desired videoing from the desired perspective.

The good thing about Apple Boxes is that they are not too expensive. You can even decide to buy a full set of the sizes mentioned above just for about $150. Another option will be to get some Joker boxes instead that can serve a similar purpose to Apple Boxes and as a storage grip for equipment. Apple boxes allow you to explore your creativity. The uses of an Apple box today were initiated by creative users. So, you can think of new ways to use them to make your work less stressful.

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